June 2021



Just let my dog out. It's really late. We usually give these things of corn to the squirrels in our yard so they're around. He was out and tried to come back in really fast. Unusually fast.

He struts up to me super hyped. I thought he had one of the squirrels in his mouth and I was terrified. Genuine fear. Anyways, it was one of the corncobs. I was relieved but he still was dead-set on taking this thing into the house. Completely forgot I could just tell him to drop it for a minute and started over-thinking the thing with how excited to take it inside he was; Thought he might still try to take it inside if I opened the door.

I thought it was a funny interaction with my dog, here you go.

closet clear.


I've officially nuked my clothing options. I've been putting it off for so long for reasons unknown to myself. Even got a genuine shoe rack instead of a milk crate like I've been using for way too long. That was a strange way but as my feet got bigger the milk crate was slowly overflowing all around a bad time that I just also looked the other way on.

I like that notepad++ has a duplicate line feature, if the neocities editor had it aww man I'd use it more (maybe?). My closet feels fresh my pants finally have been condensed and just ahasuhdiahisdahid.

I get attached to band shirts and things that people have given me and much like a band-aid I need to learn to let go :P

I am so very tired but so very acomplished feeling. Yet after doing as much as I did I feel like I need to do so much more now before I "deserve" sleep (for lack of a better word, I don't mean the actual definition but don't care to fully explain myself tonight.) I may make some shrine things, who knows I'm gonna go off creatively while I have time. Be it online or offline we'll both find out!


crystal clear.


I got that svg icon now. Isn't that neat? It has an outline, lightmode browsers can finally see my icon.



I have named my current site theme "Gridlock". Made some graphics to go with it and lowered the portal to be inline with some of the grid. I wasn't fully sure on the tri-layout. The navigation is subtly the shape of my portal gate so I think I'm stuck with this trident-layout thing for awhile.

I figured out some more javascript, it'll still be a long ways out till I make anything I like enough to put on here.

I've spent a lot of time thinking these past couple days. I made the image I talked about the other day but it didn't fully pan out. I had a few days in a row, everything I have to worry about was either handled or a month out. I am still afraid of a goal I set for around the "November area" of this year. If I don't manage this correctly it will all be for nothing and I don't really want to talk about the rest still.

May 2021

Chill Sunday.


Lookout, you know what day it is.

C H I L L - S U N D A Y

It have a plan to overhaul some aspects of the site, I have some assistance with people in my family; My mother was a professional photographer and that's all I'm going to share for now. Depends how my lame plan turns out. My next hint is she is on vacation. Maybe you already know what I'll do; If not I'll go into full detail as it all comes together :))


Been using the lot of my time today to clean and get rid of many old things of mine. It is a rare occurrence for me to have an entire Sunday free so I am trying to get everything perfect before it's back to normal.



Tons of yard sales around me today. Worked on a new cursor but I think I'm going to keep it Kirby for a long time or until I think of a super specific thing from starwars I want it to be.



New layout is active; I'd love to hear feedback :P

I wanted a starwars one; Pretty sure it only looks good in landscape on mobile but on all moniters it should look fantastic. Other schemeing will be updated accordingly and that will be finished around Saturday night at the earliest or if I rush through it.

You probably noticed the right side bar... I plan on doing some interesting game things with my site really soon. I also added a new thing to the left side-bar for articles and a mini-about section.



Nostalgia usually means you want to go back. I talked about this for a bit with my brother; He said it isn't more of a consistency but more so an appreciation for those things as many of them we did not know about them until much later and have no want to return to those times.

Anyways, I have some chaotically planned content to throw up on here.

I've been working on a new layout all day... I cannot bare to replace the Kirby one and am considering a theme selector; Although this is kinda like a "band-aid" I need to just rip it off ya know? We'll see what I do. Depends on if I like the finished version of the redesign.

UPDATE: the new layout is almost done, just need to get a few extra graphics together for it to be done-done. Expect a Saturday upload at the earliest.



Nostalgia means many things and the dictionary says this;

"a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition."

and wikipedia says

"Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations."

And I've thought about it for awhile. I like older media I do not wish to go back to that time at all. As if I am more enjoying the same things for consistency over anything else. I have said in the past many of the things I like are because I am nostalgic but I have no memories attached to some of these things. The consistency of playing the same games, music, movies and things of that nature I do not often have a strong feeling of "this reminds me of when" or "it's almost like that one time" but it does happen.

I do get nostalgic but am I just constantly in that state because of the consistency or has that made it harder to get this feeling for myself?

A strange topic to myself, bare with me this is the reason I made this website, I just don't usually share my exact thoughts all the time.

As I said prior, consistency for some of it however; I haven't even heard of the old things that I seek out sometimes but more so do it out of curiosity. Am I nostalgic for a time period or is this for some other purpose besides a consistant source?

I also feel as if I am over-thinking this but the way I process my feelings is strange and I like to analyze things entirely or just never pay attention. I mean to say "extreme focus" or "no focus" on something. Maybe this is just another case of that? Hyper-focusing on a specific source? All of this is probably because of how I am on a personal level and I don't feel like getting to that point on here just yet. About details like that about myself but maybe I've found my answer?



Alright, I'm happy with the side-bar again; It features Laser Kirby and the font size has been reduced for items on the side-bar. Most likely a pain for moblie browsing I'm sure but at the end of the day, I like it.

I'm thinking of adding a "Game of the Day" and it just feature a game I've been thinking about or playing a ton. Working title, I'll probably use it if I do though. Maybe "Now Playing" but people might be like "but it isn't playing" and I don't feel like explaining something because I think it sounds better. I had some weird questions about my wording and I mean a lot.

Shrine Portals, as it was supposed to be. Someone was confused by it so I changed it to shrine directories. That being my main example.



I was going to type a whole bunch about something, I forgot the point while typing so now I'm just gonna say something that'd happened yesterday night;

I'd cleaned up a whole lot and got sidetracked; As I do with many things. Then, after a few hours looked back to see the area I'd cleaned.

I forgot I even cleaned and it was such a strange/surreal feeling of "Oh I did that?"

I must inform you all...

Castlevania Season 4 is out!



Went thrifting;
Got a nice pink flannel and some new cargo pants. I was also able to track down a logitech wireless PS2 controller which is pretty neat to me.

Thinking about my page shrines.

However it is Wednesday, and nothing has to be done. So I'll be playing SW battlefront 2 for some time. I may do a retrospective on the series and it's reboots. Since my current focus is the Starwars page.



I've decided I'm going to look around at my local thrift store tomorrow; I don't usually have a goal in what I'm looking for and sometimes just browse to do it; Not even finding anything I deem worthy of purchase. I know the type of things to look for when I'm there but feel if you are looking for just one thing you are bound to overlook something interesting.

Maybe I will talk about what I find if I do. In site stuffs(TM) I've begun plotting some more page shrines and have picked a few bands for the music shrine. They'll be randomly thrown up around this month as I feel content with them.

Keep it real, ~CorB



One of my smaller SW projects is up. Check it out!




I need more hobbies. I've began practicing to complete the first of my goals; I think this might go fine. As I do it more and more when the day finally comes I pray I might even be confident in my abilities.

It already makes it feel more approachable and less likely to fail, I just suck at convincing myself to practice it. Requires me to have enough time to think and not enough time to get sad about it. A weird inbetween with when I remember. I mean, being reminded mid-shift just leaves me discouraged. Anyways...

I've started work on some shrine pages. The music page is in a quasi-limbo yet again but, I am happy with it's formatting. I just can't decide on a song of the day and the music page. The castlevania page, I don't feel like writing about SOTN immediately after Dracula's Curse. SO I will be focusing in on my starwars page B). I made a tab to go with it;

I have a few starwars projects I will be passively working on that aren't involving javascript cause I am not an octopus :/

I can't bear mentioning it and not going into full details but the sheer amount of them; One is bound to be finished soon and I just need to re-word somethings for my own sanity.

It's also another month but I am going to just kinda throw them into the archive later because it feels like I didn't post a whole lot. Expect it to be titled like Spring '21 or something along those lines. Writing that I just realized it's May O_O (again...)



Important things one of five has been scheduled. I will post full details upon completion of all my tasks. I've divided them up, I intend to move foreward regaurdless of how this plays out. My motivation to complete these tasks is just dissatisfaction with the way things are currently and this being one way forewards.

I'm still uncomfortable with sharing too many details about what I'm doing/going through but I feel that once this is finally over I can move on and talk about it infinitely easier than now. Some of it's embarrassing and a cause for some self-hatred and conflicts with people. I have nothing else to share about this...

I did end up talking to said friend I mentioned but, we both have a chaotic schedule so I don't think it'll happen at all. But it is nice talking to them again, I missed them.

That's all I got time for,


April 2021

Problem Solving & *vwoom*


I need to revaluate the way I apporach my problems. A way that's more strategic with how I tackle them. So I can make "The Best Of What's Around". The base idea is to stop grouping them into big super-problems and actually take them one at a time. My main motivation is destroyed when the problem seems larger than life and sometimes I even get really depressed about it, by piling them all up I've made the entirety of my problems seem outside my control no matter how much effort I put in. Instead of just some of them.

I thought about contacting one of my AFK friends the other day, almost tried talking to them but it was late. I really want to talk but don't know what to talk about when I talk to people unless it's about a hyperfix, I feel stunted when I talk about life things sometimes but it's cause I just don't do it a whole lot.

I am going to be working a couple extra days this week but, I WILL HAVE THE FOURTH OFF :)

Maybe I'll contact them to watch STARWARS. I feel like that's the easiest way for me to start up a dialog. I miss having people to talk about starwars with.



Once again I have returned, I've been working on a few projects locally again and forgot to upload anything to the actual site. I made a userbar for my site here;



Here's me!
Still around, normal fine average day. Sometimes nothing happens and it's fine. I have moved all important plans to Tuesday morning and Wednesday.



I've done my part, confronted a situation that's been bugging me for so long. Serious AFK stuff, about my future that I have neglected. We'll see how this pans out I am optimistic but afraid and that's all I feel comfortable sharing. I've lightly touched on it in the past.

I've also created a site manifesto. I might upload that tonight or in the morning. It's very personal and I hope it conveys what I want out there. I'm happy with it but I feel something is missing or it doesn't fit the standard which I view my personal work.

The bar for my site content is both so low and so high at the same time. I guess it just depends on the subject matter. I haven't done a whole bunch of serious stuff with my site yet, just things I think are cool. I don't think I'll do a whole lot of serious things but there's a few about my personal experiences and things I've learned that I may share down the line.

It's there, on the personal section of my navbar. I'd love for you to read it.

"Coordination" or lack there of...


Dunno if I posted about this yet but I got my hands on a DDR mat. Too which I just actually opened. The collector in me didn't want to open it but it had to be done! Anyways, the pad works but my body does not.

I keep trying to use one foot otherwise I'm stepping off the pad but, I know that I need to learn it without doing that or I'll get stuck doing it that way. I've been having fun either way but am on the hunt for some classic tricks and tips to play what I guess qualifies as normally :P

So far I've seen that you can get away with kinda doing this A-pose with your feet on the arrows with no penalties but haven't tried it yet. All the tips I find are for the arcade version and I hate to say it but, I do not have a hand rail behind me :D

I've finally started messing with javascript again, not a whole lot but just for a fun side thing again. Hopefully I'll be comfortable with showing it off when it moves along a bit more. It is created as a joke game I can waste time with so it's graphics are only intended to be funny to look at. Two frames of animation per object. All objects move and have "wavy lines". Gameplay loops inspired by some point and click games.



I'm planning some new shrine pages for my StarWars directory. On top of that I recently started watching "Way of the House Husband" on netflix. That show is funny as hell, I might read the manga to get more. I've been meaning to start before the show but have been side-tracked. I had another anxiety attack recently, couldn't sleep until I essentially passed out at five in the morning. So I'm gonna attempt to start being easier on myself with some things so I can avoid doing that again.

Not so cozy.


I have been so tired recently, sleeping for hours or just awake half asleep. My motivation is once again at a strange spot. I think I need help. Classic fun fact, dolphins can shutdown half their brain to sleep while the other half is active. That's the animal super power I need...

I've once again created a new layout concept locally but, I am unsatisfied with how lacking it is aesthetically. I had today off for Easter but am dreading tomorrow's work because I will not have enough time to do all the setup I usually have for Tuesday. I do already have a contingency but, I hate giving the work to someone else.

A friend from work has given me an artbook for one of my favorite movies. That being John Carpenter's The Thing. I really like the atmosphere of that movie. But my interest in it isn't quite at the shrine level. Maybe a mini-shrine for movies of a similar variety a la my consoles shrine or just a massive CorBin Movie Portal(tm).

I've found some more anime and have caught myself being neglectful of myself again besides just the "sleeping long". I took an actual break with my week off I had and I still feel the same because the problems that were there when I went into the time off are still there and stacked with other things I don't want to share. Once again, I know what I did but am still unsure how to approach them.

I still went into more detail, I don't feel comfortable with how much it would've shared so I deleted it :P



Just added a big shrine page about game systems. I have a couple more planned but am plotting how my sidebar will look.

March 2021

All Fools Day


Hap fool day

birf-date pt2


I fixed the sidebar. Kept forgetting it was off by like a single pixel. Updated my about page layout. Was probably one of the oldest layout things still around besides the mostly untouched archive.



It's offically the day. The day a scourge was brought upon this world. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!

Gonna do a whole lotta nothing, offically 21. I also just noticed I share a birthday with Fox.



The bathroom is almost finished. My birthday is tomorrow :BIRTHDAY HYPE:

Ultimate Destruction


Me and my family have been redoing our bathroom since the 21st. Lot's of stuff to break. They plan on it taking up only this week and I'd really like that but don't think it'll work out like that. I haven't listened to a whole lot of music besides looking through bands. So I haven't had a whole lot of thought put towards my song of the day for awhile.

Why'd he do that


So when you're playing Crash Bandicoot, and you know; You collect three severed floating heads of his girlfriend (As you commonly do). Your first reaction is "YEEHAW!" right? It's only natural. I don't have a ton of time. This is all you get :P

Smash Bros JR.


Got to play smash bros with my little cousins today. They're honestly pretty good, easily beating my main but not my fallback character. Kirby is like so consistant as my fallback.

My main is Simon/Richter depending on the matchup (Because Holy Water). I also got to play it with my brother too which is a rare occurrence. Usually one of us is busy so it was real nice after so long to get to play something together.

My fallback characters, to which there are many are just ones that are so ingrained that I don't have to think :P but, my mains are characters that I like but haven't figured out how to do that with yet.

With Richter I can easily because of the sub-weapons but I hate to overly rely on them.

My Personal Smash Tier List looks something like this... (It constantly changes)

  1. Kirby
  2. Metaknight
  3. Pacman
  4. Yoshi
  5. Ganon
  6. Snake
  7. Samus
  8. Simon/Richter
  9. Link
  10. Dedede



I was scrolling around, feeling a little better; I found this banner through Devon of Matfloor.

I also lazily animated my kirby drawing.


"They've Gone Up The Ventilation Shaft!"


So so so, I really was mad earlier. That's still below; I came up with an interesting page layout that will only work because of my iframe based page structure awhile ago. I haven't had enough time to actually code it yet due to life things and focusing on finding more community things. In my yeehaw shrine page I posted a Dedede model that I recolored. I can recreate that as a printable things and do papercraft Dededes I think. I think it would be cool if I could edit it into being a lanturn so he could fly. But I haven't finished it yet either, I'm still trying to get some things together for it. That will be here as soon as I get one made.

This is a vent post :P

I've been working a ton on myself whenever I have the chance but be it laziness or just a general lack of motivation I don't end up doing a ton. Today has been decent, I did somethings I was supposed to. Not to discount what I did do but it was the bare-minimum of things. I have a lot I'm expected to do this year and these things are from years before that I have put off or new things I didn't know about.

Having the lot of them stack up has made me think what's even the point of doing any of this quite a bit. Why do I still do some of these things.

I've cleaned so much, I doubt it will ever stay this way but hey, atleast that's something less right? Having little messes around home and things is such an anti-problem. That is "What would make me want to stay?" Adjacent to the real problem or the opposite of it to those unfamiliar. Works been really stressing me out more and more. I feel I'm not appreciated in so many facets right now or not getting any credit for the amount of things I do when I do more. Which is probably what's killing me so much in the motivation department and making me want to do less. This always seems to happen and I keep letting it happen like a dumb bastard.

I have no idea why I'm still here and why I haven't quit anything yet. I know I won't do anything to myself about it but this is the most I've thought about it in so long; Doing something, anything be it progress or something worse. I get way too invested with everything besides what I need to but atleast I have the self-awareness to realize what I'm doing but not the fucking motivation to actually get close to changing it on my own.

Let that be known, you can know so much about anything but it doesn't mean you'll be able to react when something requires that knowledge or experience. Especially if there's things influencing it beyond your own control or lack the dammed motivation to take control.

At the end of the day, it's my fault anyways right? I can't blame anyone else even in anger; Isn't that a neat skill to have? Atleast I attempt to be polite to others still even while I maybe fuming. Now that's almost a call-out.



To think I'd go the whole day without saying howdy! Dunno why I marked the date wrong yesterday but now Tuesday is almost gone people (Oh yeah!). I'm still reeling that I can once again be corq. It's the best feeling; A wave of nostalgia hits signing back in with that username. Anywhoozen, I'm going to be adding a cool links section the the site soon I think. Resources and things I use.



I have unceremoniously returned to the username I have on almost all platforms. Like ripping a band-aid, I was gonna eventually do it anyways. corcoororoororor Q.

I've always said it "Cor" then "Q" because of my name. To which I always refer to myself first name, middle name. "CorBin Quin" (No underlying reason, I just like it) but now I've heard it said cork. Say it however you want or call me Cor or CorB like my AFK friendos; Either way I understand you mean me :P.

I thought corq was taken on here for the longest time. Turns out it was just corbin that was taken. I feel free.

I don't know what I was thinking but I thought it was a good username as a kid. You always hear about like "adjective-object-43" or things like that and I was like "corq".

The artist formerly known as "quincy-owens" just to put that there. Feels like I got me back...



Today is the day people! I recently found a copy of Kanon volume one and two at a local store for like five dollars. So of course I bought it but! I needed the final disc in the collection. It's coming today and I'm way too excited for it.

IT'S HERE! Gonna binge that stuff on my birthday week. I managed to get the whole week off because everyone is coming back from their vacation things and want hours. I'm going to either sleep the whole time, feel guilty for no reason and be way too productive or finally be hidden away watching anime and chilling. (I'm hoping I end up doing the third one). I'm gonna make a ton of food right before and literally just do nothing after that; If I do 3.

I finally made the kirby cursor that's been sitting on here forever!

Doodles & Directories


I just remembered again, that I don't have to restrict what my shrines can be about...

I made this guy. I think he looks really cute.

I was gonna make a ton of little doodles as if he was drawing them but couldn't decide on what enemies and things to draw.

Expect some shrines; I might go back to my old shrine system and make the sidebar shrines "Shrine Directories".

Just for the ones that I feel have enough deserving stuff to qualify. Possibly calling it something shorter if I can think of a more describing word that I like.

"You ever write something about a time so long ago and it feels like those people and things are gone?" I'm writing an article and it is filling me with this melancholy type sorrow. All of the things are still around but the places I was in and the other people will never be the same again. Pompeii is a song that I feel describes exactly how I feel right now. SONG OF THE DAY I GUESS! (BUT IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES!)

The way I talked about a past experience that I am happy for made me feel as if the person involved had died or would never be the same. I was almost crying but bear with me I can be very emotional sometimes.

The article in question has been added to the Kirby Directory. Which is now finished with it serving as the end cap.



I've made some major strides in digital artwork I think; Compared to the small works I was doing before. It's A yellow kirby I've given a face based on me.

"CorBi" - March 6th '21

Click it to view it in a new tab. It's the largest piece I've made to date. As simple as it is; I'm excited to what this will mean for the future. Based on a quick doodle I made a few months ago.



I'm not dead. But I am venting below.

I had a terrible Monday; Really bad anxiety attack. Work related I think. Way too much happening. It's been awhile since something like that has happened but this felt worse and my reaction was pretty bad but for how I was I did the right thing by distancing and calmly getting help from co-workers and explaining and such; When I could.

Today went well, hoping I don't feel that way again and/or I learn to accept what is inevitably going to happen. I don't want to post about what's been messing me up recently until I get it fully sorted. Tomorrow is going to be a weird "day-off". No doubt I feel like I need an actual vacation/break now.

I found some thrift store stuffs awhile back that I didn't mention. I found SNK collection Volume 1, and Kingdom Hearts for the PS2 and Ridge Racer for the PS1. I'm on and off learning new stuff for the site as well; Along with everything else.

That's all there is,



I've returned from the depths after so long. With so little motivation to do anything extra. But I'm still here. o/

I joined some random minecraft server, people brought their friend into the server; Got into some agrument or something. Small group. I wish I could just play the block game with people and it just be a chill thing. I hope the situation gets resolved.

"Cooking By CorBin"


Added some stuff to the music page. Messing with the band-to-band layout of it. Not sure if I'm going to do a sticky, probably just a back to top button at the end of each section so it's okay on mobile.

Random tidbit, might be common sense; Learn how to make food that your parents or chosen person makes. Most times there isn't "a recipe" so it's more learning how they make a certain thing their way. You will thank yourself if you do. Years down the line you'll still be having it. Some recipes of my great grandparents have been lost because they didn't need a written recipe or anything like that. It's not essential by any means just a quality of life thing.

Cooking is more like a chaotic "this goes in that and watch it" type of thing. Baking is the Alchemist stuff where everything is specific. I prefer cooking because it's up to you and you can improvise easier and get something really cool and it's also easier to recover from mistake where with baking it's a waiting game to see if you screwed up sometimes and needs to be plotted out.

Cooking being tactical and Baking being strategic.

I love cooking and usually don't get a facuet to write about the fun parts of it. Is it enough to get it's own section or does it just get a happenstance of being brought up?

"Arriving at LZ"


I've got a concept landing page I'm toying with. I did some important stuff that I thought was going to take way longer so I have some down-time. Wouldn't you know it I have a new plan for the music page... The general layout will be the same but the structure of it will all be on one page like my original shrine page but only for music due to my writing style being chaotic.

Alright, the music page is something I love now; I've returned it from kinda cool to badass I think. I'm gonna make the "directory navigation" a sticky one if I can. I'd like to figure it before I start using it. I also did a light talking to my mom about how she got most of her music, that being in the introduction of the page.

"Sound Test"


I made the skeleton of the music page. Let's see if I stick with the same layout for it the whole way through... Fingers crossed. I'm thinking about doing a "landing page" with like the most recent updates and things like that.

Whatup people! A late night update from your favorite bastard; I slept the whole day after making my music page. I haven't written any of it yet but, I plan on doing something similar with my console pages for games and such too. Trying to control/direct my thoughts about things into words takes way too much effort for me. Unless it slowly becomes a ramble(tm). The burn on my arm/hand has healed quite well. Barely noticable in some spots. Tomorrow starts the "March Madness" I'll still probably end up posting but it will most likely be early morning or late night. Essentially now that I write it, might just seem like normal on here :P

Keep it real, ~CorB

SUPRISE! I found some old artwork of myself from when I was like 14. Here's my recreation of how I drew myself.

I've always done the thing I do to my drawings eyes because I don't want to draw them :P I feel I don't do them accurate enough unless I spend time on it. So all my quick doodles lack them or have that done to them. Anyways... That's all for tonight/this morning :P

"March Madness"


My brother took the Dungeons and Dragons quiz last night, he got Lawful Neutral; We both got neutral alignments... I'm suprised he didn't get his favorite alignment to play Chaotic Neutral. He is familiar with the Lawful Neutral alignment and has told me before that he likes it for the ability to use personal codes. We've made it to March. It's the day I reset the blog and update the Archive. I need to update the archive to have drop downs like I planned. (I only remember I need to after I update the archive :P)

What category is my blog. There's all those things like Neo-neighborhoods and stuff along those lines and I don't feel I fit anywhere on there. Not that I intend to change that but there isn't a category that I feel I can group into still. I haven't been on discord since my internet went out. Man, my StarWars page having that music. It's one of my favorite tracks from Rouge Squadron. It fills me with memories from when I last played. Sucks that I'm almost never in the mood to play it though :P

I did some website clean-up because it takes less effort than actual cleaning and is quieter so I can do it at night. I feel like there's something I wanna write about but I'm dancing around whatever it is. I like finding my "pre-html dream website layouts"(TM). I was realistic, however I didn't think I was going to figure out anything amazing or interesting at all. I cannot believe how simple they were; Luckily I aim higher now and my "dream layouts" look worse than my placeholder pages do. There are some good ideas in them still and sometimes whole posts for example (A dumb move considering I only have those snippets now, I cannot see my old thoughts on something :|) Anyways, I've managed to recover a shrine from that and I also have two other planned. We'll see if I can completely salvage my old "shrine page"

The current in look I've been hearing about seems to be that same as it was 30-20 years ago now. Luckily all my clothes are second-hand/thrifted so I've worn these clothes when they weren't in style until now. My stubborness has paid off;

From what I've heard baggy pants things like that have returned. I'm sure it's really just old designers clearing out their closets trying to make money because this happens all the dammed time. Take that first sentence, re-read it again in about a year and I bet you it will always be relevant. Someone will be trying to do said 30-20 year thing. I will remain in my clothes either way even once this trend is over but it's the first time it was something I've always worn. I wear for three things does it fit, does it have pockets and is it comfortable to me (I have a strange sensory thing sometimes with certain materials if that's the right term); That's my checklist.

I wonder if I will be able to grab an obscure article of clothing and when someone says something about it just say "OH YOU HAVEN'T HEARD" but I would be doing it because deep down I think it's funny; I'd of course grab something I hate just on the off chance people do start buying them I won't have to see them in thrift stores (My Offical Thrift Store Meta-Strategy).

I have some personal things about myself I don't usually share but if it will make somethings easier to have an explanation on my about page it will be there. I'm good at explaining myself so I kinda just write this like I'm having a conversation to get these posts the way I do. But then I kinda just repeat something or start sharing things for "readers context".

You can really tell how tired I am by how much I post can't you? Goodnight!

February 2021



My internet has been out all day since last night. A powercable or something got snapped and burnt a hole in the ground a few blocks away. My day was mostly unaffected because we had running around to do followed by work. Today feels so long but it's now almost over. I hope the outage didn't badly affect anyone in my area to any extent.

That happened. In less serious things for me to think about today;

I took a Dungeons & Dragons Alignment Quiz I found on Guido's site and these are my results;

True Neutral

True Neutral- A true neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most true neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil after all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. Some true neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. True neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion. However, true neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction.

Detailed Results:


Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15)
Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17)
Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXX (8)
Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15)
Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)

Law & Chaos:

Law ----- XXXX (4)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Chaos --- XXXXXXXX (8)

Good & Evil:

Good ---- XXXX (4)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13)
Evil ---- XXXX (4)

Anyways, True Neutral; I coulda told you that before I took the test :P (Let that be a testament to how spot on this test is.)



It feels like a weight has been lifted now that my StarWars shrine is taking shape and up here. Anyways, I said back in like December that I would talk about pirates or something; I kinda do that in the StarWars page a little bit. I like that it's like a more like a family than a team.

The month of March is starting to look like it's fully scheduled already. A dreadful sight, covered in tasks I've put off in the past. I'm happy I'm attempting to get them out of the way but it's the way it's approaching that has me irked.

"Damage Boosting"


Mark your calendars people! I just hit the "Using 0.1% of your 1GB." It took me about four months of posting to get to this point. Aint that neat? I could do a bit of stuff to find out how long it'd take me to get to 100% or something. My "100% speedrun of blogging" is still underway.

Anyways, I created some semblance of a starwars shrine page. It's so hard to channel my thoughts on some starwars things and focus; This has been underway for way too long. I have the shrine directory page for it on my PC locally, just gotta do the final stylings on it (You know the drill). I have a ton of other ones planned as well and intend to write about my OCs and such. Maybe I'll post some actual artwork after so long.



I updated my STP blinky. I am finally gonna start making gifs. I made one for the site itself.

I love it, so simple I feel it fits my website AESTHETIC



What to say about a Tuesday. Got some thrift store finds, A Pittsburgh Penguins jersey for like six bucks cause of some discount which was pretty cool. I haven't watched hockey since I was like eight but I love their jersey colors. Nothing else of note besides working. I'm really happy I found that jersey I was considering buying the exact one with some gift cards because I was like "Huh, strange that I don't have one". I don't know why I didn't buy one from amazon but this really worked out. I'm going to start dividing the months like this; With this slight cut line between posts I think. Keeping posts from a month grouped together.

"Hippo Boxes"


So, I am now attached to the brighter colors of the Kirby one. The look while still having my other colors was so nice to my eyes. Thankfully I document my pages a ton on a personal file so I could just revert to a theme I feel on a whim. Anyways, let that be a unoffical lesson of why I love iframes. I can just throw something like this back at any point.

I have my next shrine locked in. I will probably be making it soon. I haven't finished the other shrines yet but as stated I don't feel like making those pages yet or rather, in their entirety. I couldn't find songs from the thing I wanted to upload on the vgm list and I still can't get youtube autoplay with loop to work correctly (if it even ever has). I have some midi files and things. That could be interesting because some of the audio is originally a midi but, across the whole series it isn't.



Horimiya got a new episode this morning, so far it's been really good. I hope it gets more seasons. I burnt my hand really bad awhile back but it's gotten better. I have to make a call about it sometime tomorrow. I used to leave notes for myself on my old website; Because I usually use it as my homepage so it's the first site I see. I am going to be working on my birthday next month.

I don't know if I even care enough to ask for it off, let alone have an idea of what I'd want to do I just know it would be best to do it before we get into March. I think our family is starting to do a kind of collective group party for everyone in the middle of the year. Like it's everyone's birthday anyways. Almost everyone that could work it also has a March BirthdayTM

It's not a whole bunch of us either it's like five people. But anyways, I usually wake up eat breakfeast and go back to bed for my birthday and everyone leaves me alone. It's a wonderful experience. I will probably just do that on my next avalible day if I don't think of anything cool.

This has to be one of my favorite fonts. I am so used to seeing this font from a website I used to frequent when I was fourteen. It's just so nice to see it so much again lol. My other favorite font has to be Courier. The only two I've used on here; Just in-case it wasn't obvious.

One of my favorite streamers went live as I was finishing their stream I missed last night. Crazy coincidence timing on my part. I don't think I've mentioned them yet.

CarcinogenSDA is their username if you'd want check it out. I usually have it on in the background and jump back when something major happens. He usually plays Resident Evil games. Most of the time doing no damage or speedruns which is really interesting to watch for me.

I've been watching them for about like two years now. Sometimes re-watching because he explains most of what he does and I want to try some of it out. It removes some of the panic-i-ness to me playing certain games.

Return to form


I'm thinking of getting my minecraft realm back up. I started to design my big shrine directory page, it's taking me way too long.

Return to form


Alright, I'm no longer sick of overseeing my purple on blog posts. Enough of my "I dunno if I like this" I'm basically stuck with this color I like it so much. The font size has been altered to fit my original online journal; We'll see if that lasts...

It'd be cool to have my old posts on here but they are way to personal; I can't bring myself to have something that drills into me as much as that did, I treated it like an actual journal :/

I address other websites like we are lords of our lands. I go "Ike of Pointmercy", "Eli of Dewside" as if they hail from these places and reign. I might make my next shrine dedicated to some of the characters I've created but would that be like this;

  • Personal
  • If for example, my community tab is structured like this;

  • Community
  • Or do I just slam it into the community tab, a personal tab could open more things but eh.

    Anyways, this theme is meant to echo my original theme concept; I don't know how much more it will be or if it's just going to be the post dividers for now.

    I don't know if I want to put any of my Starwars characters up here until well after they are retired to keep that aspect of my life free of things. Unless I decide I don't care.



    New Layout! The moon theme, I think my rollover navbar buttons are pretty dope. I'm probably gonna make the thing on the bottom right the theme changer. If I figure it out. Eli of Dewside said something awhile back that piqued my creativity and now I'm gonna be making a ton of themes. This being the default for now.

    As nice as the monocromatic look is, I can't ditch my tones of purple. I tried a dark blue as well. I'm just so fixated on this color scheme and can't lose it.

    If I find out how to change the styling like what Eli was talking about I'll use all the recolors that I like. I imagine they'd take the least amount of space. Because I am more and more indecisive.



    And so another day has passed. I started to watch Horimiya; The show is right in my favorite genre and it seems to be doing something I wish a lot of the romance shows would do. Showing the characters actually together offically instead of ending the show right after it happens or implying they would end up together. I can't decide on the next shrine page. I have a few I'd like to eventually have on here but they aren't the one I want to make right now. Ya know?

    I didn't feel like playing anything that takes a ton of thinking this week.

    I want a similar experience to a spiderman game where stuff can just happen around New York and I can swing in if I want. When I played spiderman 2 as a kid I used to feel like I absolutely had to save everyone I could from those event things. Cause I would feel bad if I didn't. Truly as if I was roleplaying him or something. I got the "Authentic Experience".

    The Hunt


    My journey for a new show continues... I did a terrible edit of shroomish this morning for my brother. He said he wanted it to have patricks legs from the spongebob movie.

    I think the end result is pretty funny. He said he wanted to add the face, I made it in about five minutes but felt it was good enough to share. Feel free to yoink it and add your own face. It looks really smooth, gives off a 3D effect. I won't bore you with how to make your own because I just messed around with it till it was right. The boots could look better, but the rest of it carries them.

    The face was supposed to be from the "You think I'm cute?" meme from Clannad or just a cropped anime face but he couldn't decide.

    I keep forgetting that Phoenix Wright has an anime. I'll probably watch that next.



    My brother just pulled off no damage of Rondo of Blood with Richter; It was insane to watch. The PS4 recorder thing is a lower framerate so rewatching the gameplay makes us both a little angry. But you can clearly see it's no damage which is fine enough.



    I was so tired yesterday! I walked my brother through Rondo of Blood; It is so crazy how easy Maria makes that game. He did it in around an hour. I want to do a playthrough of Richter only just to give it some challenge.



    Why is Maria such a killing machine? All of her options are way more easier to use and such. Anyways, I played Castlevania today, unlocked Maria. I put some stuff in the Shrine page, it's a roll-over link to better look like the menu from Simons Quest. Maybe that's too subtle and people think it's a broken link? I made the Kirby's Adventure page. I have three plans for the Kirby's Dreamland 3 page. The song is picked but the styling is on the fence. Anyways, I'm way to tired to do anything else tonight. It's been a chaotic day.

    Sleep well people!



    I swear Kirby tracks loop way better than any other game. They're just so chill you don't even care it loops. I messed with the shrines today; Probably gonna stop posting about them until they are finished. I'm already planning a handful of shrines now that I have my prefered formatting for them. As more Shrine Directories than Shrine pages.

    !!THERE IS A KIRBY PERSONALITY QUIZ!! https://www.kirby.jp/special/personalityquiz/

    I got Hi-jump, I'll stylize it here. I'll probably add some random quizes to my planned Activities page. (When I get enough tests.) Along with my results on them and such.

    Musical ""


    The Shrines have audio, they are currently in the works. I have it all planned out design wise but not what I'm going to write in them :P

    That seems to be the way my blog is setup anyways, you should have expected this readers!

    Anyways, I got the article structure reworked and have the skeleton of the Rondo of Blood page up there; Check it out, just know the page layout is meant to be viewed from the iframe still. The hack I attempted to do for getting either the object tag or the Iframe tag scrolling instead of escaping my page did not work. I am deadset on figuring it out.

    For those of you who are also stuck with it, I have a feeling making the page that will appear in the container in a scrollable div that matches the frame size will work wonderfully but am too lazy to try it tonight. Probably tomorrow morning if I have time.

    Basically, set the div to the same pixel count/percent of the iframe. Then you set the div to scroll or whatever. I like overflow-x to stay hidden for placing things just offscreen or right at the edge.



    The Kirby shrine is in the works, so far it's just a "directory" to the shrines that aren't here yet. I think it looks nifty, styled after the old famicom website. Which is linked in there if you wanna look at the old sites for any other Famicom/Super Nintendo pages. To get to the Kirby shrine while it's incomplete, click the snoozin' one in the bottom left!

    Neat little tidbit, if you click the link to that site it perfectly fits inside the iframe here. I swear I didn't plan that but It's pretty badass.

    Anywhozen, the Castlevania shrine is going to evolve to match the energy of what the Kirby Shrine is going to be. More over, my shrine pages are going to act more as Shrine Directories. I have an interesting/annoying design idea that will make them look correctly on mobile. We'll see if I go through with it.



    We've achieved super Tuesday, 2-2-202... 1 [So close to greatness.] Thinking about my header, do I need a more graphic header. I mean a header graphic :|

    I've been doing a second playthough of ghost of tsushima where in I only wander around, accepting side-quests and missions if I wander into them playing completely zone'd out. I'm thinking about watching some of soul eater, my brother recommended it awhile back and I am between things.

    Crawling into Febuary


    Do I rely too much on the Iframe? I hate how it formats on mobile, I need to see if the object tag will let me do something similar but look correctly. I'm sure there's something with javascript but I haven't messed with it yet :/

    Don't panic, the archive has been updated with all other January posts. I missed the monocromatic look of the old layout so I might use the divs from the article format for a bit. I'm also gonna start using these containers for each post, slowly shifting into another design idea for the blog as a whole. Loving the radius tag, it just looks so much better than all the sharp edges I had before :P



    "The new theme is recieving it's finishing touches. As soon as it's done it'll be here :P" I always say something like that and talk myself out of it. I got really close this time. I nuked the shrines page. Let's see what I'll add back :s

    GOTCHA!! The new theme is live as you can tell. The background is made for moniters larger than my own however, I think it looks dope. New theme is a Kirby Theme for people like me that refuse to get a bigger moniter or resize their browser window.

    Lot's of planned over-hauling is underway, more user-interaction stuff is in the works. That is a more long term idea however. As I may have previously mentioned way back. Somethings are going to be reformated as well. It's looking to be a busy time again.

    I found some more site inspiration, expect this layout to shift and alter as I drum up some sleep deprived concepts :P I'm thinking of introducing modern web-design elements with a retro twist. I am gonna try to step away from what I think are my design crutches and see how far I can take it.

    My day be so fine, then boom; You can't play midis through your site :(

    Goodnight people!

    "Lacking toes and taller ants"


    Cheesecake for breakfest is a bad idea... Especially if you can't have cheesecake :|

    Work was weird.

    I played some of Rondo of Blood today, Death is the most annoying boss in the series; Someone please prove me wrong. I'd say that this version of him is the easiest because it lets you grab almost any of the sub-weapons in the room right before him. I think there's an alternate route that lets me skip him I seen in a speedrun. I might try that or try my own strategies. I haven't gotten Maria yet but I feel like I missed the enounter if that's possible. I really wanna play through the game however I do the first time around. Then go for everything I missed in playthrough 2; I know for a fact if it's optional, I'm going to miss the people your supposed to save. [Sorry Annette :/ ] I don't usually work the morning shift and the night shift today. I assume my castlevania page will be updated once I finish this game. Unless I pull a pro-gamer move and beat Symphony of the Night just to write about it and I KNOW THERE'S A RICHTER MODE B).

    My coworker tried buying some of the Gamestop Stock, but they stopped it by the time he got to it.

    There is not a game I own which just let's you chill to the degree I would like. Walking simulators are a push towards what I want right now, for my gamer itch. But there's something else I want there.



    I bought the Castlevania Collection to play Rondo of Blood, I don't know if the enemy spawns are in more aggressive locations or what but it's so much harder then the others I've played. I made a concept sheet for a new layout that would reduce some of the buttons, as long as I can get it working correctly. The idea is to change this div container your currently reading this in to have a month selector that will display whichever month, allowing me to remove the archive and making the sidebar smaller. I want to re-arrange a ton but my concepts are always subject to change.

    I went thrifting, got a flamingo dress shirt, and some CDs. I miss thrifting with groups of friends.



    Changing up color scheme sometime today. Possible new theme? (Who will know the direction it'll go).

    On top of that I am thrifting sometime today. I started using manga dex instead of watching anime. Thinking about actually using div classes more. I noticed some style things aren't supported, and I am certain it works locally. I am one to flub the ordering of things. (I "understand" what I'm doing but see header quote).

    I've returned from my day, I ended up going to IKEA and getting the shelves I was thinking about; Thrifting being moved to tomorrow unless I get sidetracked(tm). Did some rushed and chaotic artwork of myself, I gave up before I even tried to make eyes. I feel it adds a certain "look and feel" with what I did instead.

    I don't usually do all digital unless it's pixel art, cartoon-style and/or anime-inspired things, this is my first big step towards something real that I think looks shareable.

    I am once again thinking about the color scheme. I'm thinking some tone of Blue and maybe some yellow div borders?

    Regaurdless of my design future choices, I stated earlier I've been reading Manga; Gonna change my about page a lil-bit to fit me not watching anything but I want an umbrella-term/blanket-word to describe Books, Shows, etc. and I notoriously can never find a word that will satisfy my weird brain because I don't want to say "Media" in the context I wanna word it.
    WHATEVER, later problem.

    I started reading the Manga "Three Years Apart" it's pretty wholesome, manga always seems to be;

    I read the whole first volume this morning and am loving the stuff.

    Wakeup, we have a blog to write.


    The thrifting day is tomorrow, I'm making a new emblem set for the site. I found a ton of midi files around, I'd love to use them for a shrines page. My brothers discord is playing the tabletop Cyberpunk. I thought he was gonna wanna tell me about it but he's snoozing. I don't play any tabletop stuff anymore, but I always try to get him to do my lame ideas. (Because I make funny plans for the sake of funny plan)

    I feel my chaoitc work schedule overlapping with the game time would mean others wouldn't be able to play because of me and I can't deal with that. Other RPGs I played for awhile have so much time you need to invest in it to get anything done that I don't get satisfaction from anymore. Not to say I didn't like the time investment, I liked those games; I need something I can drop on a dime and this means I don't commonly play with others either, not consistant people.

    What I mean to say is, RPGs are fun when you have a ton of time; Some of the enjoyment is lost if you don't have time to make descent progress. Especially if it's with others/

    As much as I want to do tabletop games, especially with my brother but I'd need to learn so much mechanics again and need time that matches everyone elses availability. I've been looking foreward to his group finally doing cyberpunk. Even if I'm only going to hear about it.

    Black TIE affair


    I seen some really cool fanart this morning, it was of a TIE fighter mecha; Then I thought of other starwars ships that could be mechs. None of the other ships would be recognisable unless they did something like robotech, where it has a weird in-between mode.

    Anti-aliasing has me hurting, I need a new drawing thing. Gonna get Inkscape, fuck around find out if it's for me. I don't know when I'll have a ton of time to get used to it but it'd be cool.

    Just got out of work a few hours ago; Thinking about changing color aesthetics after the castlevania theme I've slowly accumulated. It's all I've been playing :P
    I recently played every kirby game I have access to, that will probably be next theme if I give up on my secret kirby project (tm)

    I've changed my mind again on changing from a raster editor to vector; But I'd like to eventually dabble in the vector arts myself, the illusion of clean lines mhmm.

    I'm thinking about thrifting soon, precautions of course. That sentence makes me feel like I am either overly anxious or live in outer-space doing a space walk. I hope to find some musics, maybe some terrible games. Me thrifting is like a treasure hunt but my map is vauge. It makes it exciting each time cause I can say, "YES I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS!" because while it was something I wanted I wasn't actually there for it at the time (But I assure you I am once I find it, whatever the object is).



    I have nothing today, I thought if I started I'd come up with something; So instead an impromptu rambling(tm)

    I've noticed I make the same minecraft house every world; Then every once in awhile I'll make something unique, a super-structure and just keep adding on rooms until I get bored with the world. I forget what it was called but there was that woman who's husband died while making their project house and she kept adding on to the house after his death, making what I believe to be a really strange house with a huge staircase. That had something to do with the name as well (what was that house called?) Some youtube video talked about it, I don't know if it was BlameitonJorge but I think it's like six years old now.

    It was by some youtuber who did those creepypastas, storytimes and top tens a few years back. Remember when those seemed everywhere; Maybe they still are but I don't get them in recomended anymore :(

    When I used to hang out with my slightly younger cousin, we'd have those on while we played whatever; Mostly roblox, flash games or whatever game system we brought or was where we were staying. Almost everyone had a Wii which made it really easy to KNOW what games we could take where. Part of the reason I bought a ton of gamecube games, more of a back catalog and a ton of people trying to get their old collections out. 007 Nightfire was his favorite gamecube game; My school friends really liked Mario party 5 and to do co-op Pikmin 2.

    I started up my copy of Mario Party a year or so ago and it was in the middle of his turn when I loaded. I haven't seen those friends in years but it gave me this feeling of "Oh it's you" even though they weren't there. I miss them sometimes but never enough to overcome the anxiety of reaching out (shrug).

    A lot of my friends made an impact on me and vice versa. I miss going to conventions a lot for collecting old media, but thrift stores have been oh so kind;

    For my last hauls that I remember I found a couple of Guns n Roses CDs that I somehow didn't have... some Dance Dance Revolution games and a copy of Amazing Island, a gamecube game I've wanted for so long but have no idea why anymore. It wasn't the game I thought it was maybe, or I just forgot. I really want to find a copy of Custom Robo but that won't be happening anytime soon.

    Anyways, I won't keep you any longer goodnight!


    Song of the Day!


    Gonna be messing with the song of the day stuff? Embedding the song in the page somewhere. Could be interesting. Anyways, isn't that neat? I thought it was gonna be a whole process but I already had it planned a tiny bit. Doesn't autoplay though but I think that would be annoying for others, I know I sometimes go with audio off on my browser so it's a lot more (eh I dunno, can't think of the right word).

    It looks decent on mobile but I'm sure I could mess with that.

    Shrine Pages


    I've decided to do the long awaited (by me) shrine page overhaul. Every shrine is going to be an article with a section of it's own. The old shrine page is going to be updated to be a portal to the shrine pages (As originally intended). The layout of said articles will mostly be the same; So far only the castlevania shrine is up but once the others are done. The shrine page will be updated accordingly.

    (Not) "Just Another Day"


    I've assesed my habbits to attempt and understand why I'm doing them, most of them exist so that I can avoid something that gives me anxiety. Talking to others if it isn't about a very specific topic has been difficult for a long time, I'd like to believe that this is the reason I don't often engage and commonly shutdown or outright avoid conversations but I could be wrong. I have some type of media going at all hours I possibly can to be zoned out or hyper-focused on it and I never trully face my issues until they are a much larger but immediate problem. I've slowly grown more and more aggrivated with myself as I've noticed this and am afraid of what will happen if I do not even approach my problems. An endless cycle of feeling terrible, and ignoring my problems that won't leave. Regaurdless of how it is or could be I'm attempting to get better.

    I redid the entire layout, free from tables! I also added a little background to the page this time. I did not know I could use discord images as a background, this might make image on the site way easier. Figured that out because of Ike from Crimson Red. I reused the background code from a planned Castlevania shrine page I was creating; I can't seem to stick to one concept for a shrine page but I won't let the work go to waste! Not anymore.

    What month is the Tuesday of the year? I feel like it's late Febuary to May.

    I've added all of my personal playlists to my about page tidbits. They'll also be here for your eyes! Feel free to dive into my pools of music, here is a light description of them;

  • Skee ska Doo - Ska Playlist
  • ?! - Grunge/Alt Playlist
  • @2 - Mostly New Wave Playlist

  • If I find a way to link one spotify song I may change the song of the day each day! (If only they could autoplay)

    To those of you checking my site, I've added a secret button; The page isn't fully complete but it will be updated as time passes. It's also a test for a new article style. Anyways, I'm off to sleep; Click my favorite belmont to check it out! I intend on removing shrines from the tab and making them all hidden sections. If I get the new article format down I may have to redesign again.



    My hunt for new anime begins again, I dropped both of my previous shows and am on the hunt. I feel like I'll end up liking Fruits Basket but haven't watched it yet. Horimiya sounds interesting to me, it's in my favorite genres.

    I have chili today, one of my favorite day off foods and I haven't played anything but Kirby Superstar all week. Milky Way Wishes is my favorite Kirby experience. I layed the groundwork for my javascript thingies. Hopefully I will finish them ( :P ).

    I haven't been feeling it for awhile, while it's been mostly fine I am slowly feeling more and more sub-par again. Even if everything was back to normal, and with these indefinite restrictions; I would either distract myself the whole time or sit and wait. Of course there are some slowly approaching goals but the risk of me screwing them up when they are here is so crippling for some reason, even though failure doesn't exactly mean I'm out anything but more time; Which I'm wasting anyways. My life has been mostly unaltered, the difference being I don't have five conventions to go to. I just realized some of my habbits might be "self destructive". While I no longer have a therapist; Here begins my stages to overcome myself, by myself... I guess



    I am proud to say my blog has finally reached 10k views. I have been quiet working on updates and things for here instead of posting about doing them. Tons of smaller posts and things are happening because of that.

    I'd like to thank everyone who's kept up with my growing page here and my shenanigans. The layout changes I had been working on looked too much like a different site that I'm refocusing on a secret project and the shrine pages. I'd like to get javascript down for some interesting shrine pages soon. My weeks have felt exactly the same again; I've had Kirby on the mind, Joel of vinesauce [Vargskelethor] uploaded a playthrough of "Kirby & the Amazing Mirror". It had four player multiplayer, really interesting game I never owned cause if I got it I'd have to get three other copies :P I think I've already talked about vinesauce a little bit.



    I am once again toying with more designs, and like always I am never happy with any of them. Eh, I don't know what I want all I know is I don't like what I made after I make it.

    Blinkies and a Dream


    Another new day. I've made some more blinkies, expect them to be thrown up soon.

    I threw the image tag up there but the image isn't displaying for me :/ I assume it's a server thing. Anyways, that took twenty minutes to show for me.

    I had a strange dream and I'm unsure about adding it. It's one of those that felt real when it was happening; I was at work, doing job stuff very normal. An additional fun-fact I'm a cook, don't think that's on THIS version of my blog yet. I'm sure that being a part of my dream means I'm there too much; Which is true, I am there too much. The shift went normally but pieces of the kitchen were slowly disappearing, as if the world was fading or as if fog was getting denser. This wasn't a concern I think I just wasn't paying attention to that but it was happening. Someone who hadn't been working there for a long time walked to me and said something along the lines of "Why are you here?" or "You're wasting time!" but I knew that they meant I needed to leave. Which was quite like them, atleast when I knew them; They were very critical of me.

    So I think I told them "It's only a problem because you made it one" or "I only lose if I quit". I don't fully remember if anything else happened but I'm positive I linked some sentences together as this was most likely an arguement. I can tell you I woke up angry and confused ( :\ ). I weirdly miss some of the people like that in my life. The ones that would argue with me but, we didn't just argue we'd help each other sometimes it was like a weird friendship. We always just had moments where we'd argue but we always tried to get back to normal and most times we would. I never really started the arguements I didn't like the confrontation but, I'd get defensive about anything. I think I ironically got tired of dealing of it after awhile. Must be why I woke up tired :|

    I don't have many people like that right now, if at all. I'm bad at keeping in touch with people; I know I could probably just send whatever and start again with some of them but the anxiety of it eventually staying bad terms is the worst. I'd rather people just stay happy and away, I get too attached with everyone and get over involved. Maybe I will way down the line but as it stands I'm not in the posistion to deal with that this year (already :S) I'd like friends but not if I'm going to get hyper-involved and shut down again. I do that all the time and I definitely need a break until this is done and I am caught up on my own business.

    I gave up on watching Inari Kon Kon; I am considering changing the layout if I can get it to scale differently. I need to figure out flexboxes for the Navbar or move them around. I toyed around with a brighter color scheme but it loses that feeling I want. Maybe a shrine page in brighter colors? "Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki" got an anime adaptation this season; I read the manga as they released for awhile. I might wait for a dub and the first season to be up if it isn't already. It had a profesional smash bros stand-in, I forget what their game was called but it clearly was meant to be that. The guy was trying to get better at talking to people and this girl that plays the game with him is trying to hook him up with people. I feel like the two characters will obviously end up together but it would be way more interesting if they went a different route with it. She seen him as lesser or something so I just imagine that the main guy will inevitably rise above their expectations.

    I just want something different for the sake of something different.



    Well well well, it was Tuesday.

    The recorded ramble idea won't be as simple as I thought, my computer while having decent specs does not support the game-bar. It will be some time before I feel like figuring that out, maybe a audio only track if at all. Maybe a lame visual center frame, this is why I need a mascot! I could use the portal icon or animate the purple portal I have.

    EDIT: I got super distracted, forgot what else was going here :P it be like that sometimes. Goodnight people!

    Workshopping and Plotting

    1/11/2021 - 1/12/2021

    I've created a theoretical one-page layout. I might start overusing the class sheet and div boxes now that I've figured them out. I am interested in what I'll attempt to keep and the ways I'll alter the existing pages to fit on one screen; If I like the new layout expect it here soon.

    I just read that Brendan Fraser is going to be in a new movie called The Whale! So happy to hear he'll be acting on the big screen after so long. I have yet to watch Doom Patrol, a DC show he's in; I believe that's on HBO. I know for a fact it's on Amazon Prime.

    This design works really well for me, I am stuck with this one :|
    I need some terrible midis and to make the shrine special pages! Not another redesign. Do midis play on mobile or should I just embed a youtube video? The video or midi player will probably go above the Portal Marquee.

    I've mainly been listening to Vinesauce, no song of the day because of that. I really like Joel, his streams are fun to watch because of his rambling and audience engagement; It has a chill atmosphere.

    For my favorite game section if I have a favorite area of the game I was thinking of uploading a video to youtube and embedding my gameplay footage. Don't know if I'll have an audio track however it would be really cool to have the option to just watch me play or with my ramblingTM.

    That will also inevitably be thrown into the projects page once I get some naming conventions for it. I did some huge fanart the other day of Richter, I need another place to upload my artwork because even when compressed it will take up a lot of room. The only days I'll be able to do the rambling would be early on a Wednesday Morning. We'll see how this goes...

    I just made a blinky for my Cool Sites Section,

    It also has a Blinkies section, for ones I find or created. I intend to make a ton of ones for things I'm interested in and hopefully some that are gifs.



    I quickly messed with the background again, not sure if I will ever have one here; It will probably be fan-art or something I think looks cool. I think I found the shelves for my windows.

    I've been playing a ton of minecraft and experimenting with a nomad style where I don't build a house after seeing others have no problem with it. Without focusing on building a structure and just placing your items well you have more time to just focus on collecting; Opening up more options faster and if I do finish the game then I can build a house with a lot more block options as well.

    My busy months of March-June are on their way. You ever notice that no matter how much changes about life, the same patterns find a way of repeating themselves. It's easy to fall into a pattern, especially right now for myself. I'm dreading it and I know I'm going to make those months way more difficult than they need to be.

    That's a lot of stressful stuff to unpack right now so I'll move on. I need to be less hard on myself but I also have goals that I won't go out of my way to meet if I don't get harder on myself :|

    I wonder sometimes if anyone I know has seen my blog. I'm doing some pixel art things until I decide to shell out and get a drawing tablet; Those should be on here soon. I started doing the concepts of the project pages, I have a really interesting idea for the Castlevania section.

    Here's some Richter pixel art I did, it's based on my favorite of his designs; Wanted to pay homage to that game.

    Maybe a whole fan-project? Maybe just a page. We'll see; Currently I'm hyping myself up to do something.

    Behind the scenes


    I've been messing with div posistioning and got another idea for the header coming up. This is my favorite color combo for the site, I toyed with other colors locally and this fits the feel I want it to have the best. More pages are in the works, the projects will be a long endeavour so I'm going to slowly add thingies to the personal tab and home screen stuffs.

    I Feel I could redo the layout entirely with div boxes and make the sidebar scroll with the page but this layout still screams old internet to me and that would push it.

    I seen this on Lucas' website, wanted to see how it worked

    I think it'd be interesting to embed the song of the day to play. Next I need a little me to sit on the header or a mascot.

    Late Night Ramble

    1/7/2021 - 1/8/2021

    Tonight, tonight. I've added some plans to the projects page. I hopefully am done messing with the layout for tonight, I've made a lot of alterations. I couldn't get the background to look correctly on mobile so it remains black. In other plans that aren't concrete maybe a webring but what would I call it.

    *cough* CorBin's Portal *cough

    Another idea would be a dedicated section for my hobbies but I doubt that would be something right now.

    I haven't contacted my internet buddies since flash player went down; I am really bad with that sort of thing. My real friends I haven't contacted in forever, all that usually leads to is "can't wait to see you again" or "do something".

    Anyways, I've considered writing music or making my own intentionally terrible midis for this place but, that currently won't be happening for some time. The idea would be to get a four song EP but I don't have a quiet place to do such deeds yet, usually my people go on vacation sometime in May but that hopefully won't be going down.

    I don't know if it's joycon drift but it's so hard to land the shoryuken with the switch controller. I need to re-setup my cables for I can play on a bigger screen with the gamecube controller. I feel like I'm going to end up buying The Castlevania Collection for playstation.

    The Metal Gear section idea is most likely evolve into a Capcom and a Kojima/Konami Section so I can group more things I like together; Zone of Enders, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Silent Hill and some B-tier titles I don't see mentioned alot (Your gonna have to wait for the page to see those though!) The Capcom games will probably include; Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry (I'm too tired to come up with more).

    I got some knitting stuffs in my basement and my Mom got some for Christmas but doesn't actually know how/want to use them. Of knitted little dudes I want to make a Tiny Richter and give him a little piece on his hand for the whip. I think the long coat could offer some standing options for it without being too bulky. The idea is about a four inch thing. If I figure out how to do them really well I might make some more guys for other people and things like that. I think a little godzilla would be cool for one of my friends.

    I'm so excited to try this new thing that I've only thought of things that would be cool and not how I'll do them, this is a common occurrence for me.

    I honestly am out of time tonight, expect some things on the morrow.

    Fresh Paint


    Adding in some color schemeing. Updated the header section up top. The reformatting is done. The page background is underway. Gonna be some cool castlevania artwork back there just gotta sketch it up. If I can somehow have it segmented, the bottom corner will have draculas castle and the right side will have the moon with some bats and things. If I can get it to change by page, I will have the background fit the content; Better yet! If I can get it to alternate on it's own I could make the background be anything I'm interested in.

    I'm very happy with this update, I have been trying to slowly add more muted colors.

    I just got back from the video store, got my hands on Crash 4, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and StarWars Squadrons. From their movies I got The Thing (2011) and I think that's all, my parents grabbed a whole lot more.

    When it comes to Street Fighter, my favorite character is Sakura; Ken is my next favorite and I don't believe there's a third; In Street Fighter 5 they gave her options with her hadouken and I really like that about her moveset.

    The background is a placeholder for now; Just until the final one is finished.



    The page for my projects is finally up, currently I am adding in past projects to the page. Art and things will be uploaded when I get access to our family scanner. I am sleeping most of today however don't expect it to be finished but the page is up. Family Video is closing down so I'm (hopefully) going to be buying up stuff from their liquidation sales 8)

    Anime Rambling and Self-Reflection


    As mentioned in an older post, only a handful of the anime I watched were especially memorable to me. I would consider these my favorites. From my about page, it could quite easily be trimmed down to;

    Robotech, Gurren Lagann, Ouran Host Club, Your Lie in April, Takagi-san, Evangelion, Love is War, Kanon, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, ORESUKI, and Senko-san.

    My top three of these shows, if the others would disappear would be Evangelion for destroying how I view the mecha genre, Kanon for it's warm setting and finally a tie between Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo for it's characters.

    I like anime with an actual ending, for some reason that is very difficult to get with what I want. Not that I'm complaining about what I've found but, after watching so many shows only to find out the rest only exists in a manga makes me wish I just had the manga (Which is usually their intention, to make you buy their manga) so many shows can scratch my itch but can't tie up their plotlines or they allude to more happening that will never come. Senko-san was memorable for it's wholesome atmosphere to me but suffers from buy-the-manga when you finish it. Eventually I will start buying manga, the lack of cons is helping me not buy random things for high prices but I might start searching around.

    I recently found out that Sailor Moon is on Hulu for some reason, I'm late to that party but I'm very interested in finally watching it. Inari Kon Kon is what I'm currently watching but I might curb it to finally check that out.

    The game I've been playing with friends has been down for multiple days, we haven't interacted a whole lot since then. I'm terrible at forcing interactions with others. If I didn't have to I don't think I'd speak to anyone. Not that I don't want interaction but I just want to chill with people just vibe around sometimes, I am a sleepy boy.

    The way I write my sentences include what I want to say in a way that makes sense to me and followed by an attempt at explaining it to someone else, this being why the site quote is what it is.

    So much of this is me saying "not to say :this:" or "I mean to say..." I have a constant feeling that I need to explain myself to others due to thinking "differently" that I can't switch it off but also am self-aware of some of my actions like this. There was a strange attachment to the word that descibes what I have but I am so done to death with using it that I cannot bare to type that out and wanting to leave some of myself to me, god forbid. Like it's hardwired I can't let anyone know directly. While I haven't met anyone with it as well that would be able to express how it effects them besides my brother, who switches when it's effecting him. Having a brother that has it too has let me experience what I have from the third-person even if it's a different form of it I can attempt to apply it to my own. Allowing for interesting introspection.

    That's all I have time for today ( :/ schedules)

    Late Night


    I posted a lot for about an hour or so, then realized I went overboard and decided to clear it. The Projects Page is on it's way sometime Wednesday night if I get around to actually completing the entire thing.

    Today has been troubling for me and I can't seem to avoid hearing about the problems it brought or what I need to be doing; I want an actual break, my normal stimming things aren't helping me as much and I've been really emotional for way longer than normal.

    I miss feeling like I knew what I needed to do.

    Concerning layout, I've been thinking about chaging band of the week to be more of a "I've been overplaying this song"; That way I just update it whenever and talk about it if I feel like it; That is the style I'm operating on here... Anyways, forget Wednesday that can happen almost everynight, I just need a shorter title for it.

    Belated Christmas


    I recently recieved a christmas box from some friends. Tons of tea flavors and snacks to go with it (I am really low on those things and am really grateful!) Some of the flavor names look really vauge so I'm very curious to try them out. They always get me tea things but I forget every year, then I open the box and get hyped again every year :3

    The projects page is on my computer, I just want to toy around with what remains and it will finally be up! After so long too; for those brand new to my website, this was the original intention for the site. A place where I could post stories and things I wrote however, bloging takes way less energy and I was hired around the time I originally created the blog so it's been sitting for some time until this year (honestly thanks quarantine!). The site is slowly chugging to be the portal of my activities and such, as it is intended.

    The cork board is still at work (phew) but I need to talk to the guy that hung it up to see. Then again, it is falling apart now that I get a closer look at it.

    Once I get the projects page up I might do some fun project specific pages, with different looks and such inspired by whatever I feel; I say this because I already have some ideas plotted out. The guest book is also on it's way to the community tab, just as soon as I weigh what options there are.

    Spring Cleaning


    I am in the process of rearranging my bedroom, I think I want small bookshelves above my windows. I'm removing a ton of old posters and things (finally); I might even put up some cork boards instead for productivity, photos and doodles. UPDATE: I think my work is getting rid of their old cork board and if it's any bigger than the one I found myself I might snatch it before they throw it out (SCORE! :D).

    I have a vintage lava lamp in my weird item collection but it needs a new bulb. Did you know the weird blobs inside of some older ones had springs in them? I found it strange but it makes sense; It needs to stay together somehow. Not sure if they all have them but mine does.

    I got a new belt for christmas that's from some firehouse, a "Ladder 34" belt; I have yet to trim it down yet. When it's in my hands I always feel like I'm going to cut it too short.

    My roblox map is coming along well, I'm only designing the map currently (no coding hijinks); I'm making a small island with villages and foilage. I have the first half of it finished. I'll post screenshots once it's finished and maybe share a link?

    That's all I got time to post today, maybe some late night updates about Steely Dan? I feel I've neglected them so far, but I already like so much of their music I don't know what to add on top of that.

    EDIT: I'm starting to notice only a handful of the anime I pick to watch seems to be memorable. Maybe a retrospective on my favorites. The Steely Dan "Band of the Week" is kind of out of steam, I have nothing to alter about the placement of the songs compared to before and have nothing else to say about them. I need to pick bands that I am not as familiar with I assume.

    "Alright, now what?"


    If you didn't notice I am now using frames, old posts are once again in the archive. I am not going to edit the incorrect information in old posts concerning layout. (Such as the mention of band of the week, which is now just permanently on the Nav Bar) I have also altered how the date is displayed. Site feels more like an actual website to me now. I mean to say, what I wanted my website to be; Now I can easily tweak things and such.

    For new years, I gamed with friends, watched anime and listened to music. My neighbors did fireworks until 3:00; At which time I actually noticed I missed new years. (Not that it would change anything). I don't like to do anything for new years so, this year I didn't have to hear about it which is a plus.

    I don't think one days purpose should be to set goals for the rest of the year and wish to do that anyday at anytime. The only thing that happens for me personally is I have to buy a new calander. It can make others feel special however so let them be. But don't let those unmet goals drag you down if you don't meet them please!

    I talked about fictional pirates the other day. Maybe I'll post my "sleep deprived pirate ramble" soon.

    I tried to get .swf files of old flash games before it shut down without any knowledge. On my crusade I didn't figure out how to open them properly as they were segmented. [Maybe another day]

    I need to upgrade my computer, I thrifted all of the pieces and things I'm currently running. My moniters, speakers, keyboard; ALL OF IT IS SECOND-HAND. Which I am proud to have found it all but, I can only do so much with it. Decent specs and all that, I can play most of the games I collect, the moniter is way too small. The speakers are the same as my childhood PC so I don't want new ones. A cooler keyboard would be nice.

    My lil' cousins have gotten me to play roblox with them, I used to play the game all the time and now I want to make them some fun levels for them [and myself too :P] My current level I'm making for them has japanese inspired architecture. I really wanna mess with scripting to get some NPCs in it but I don't remember anything about Lua I am trying to relearn some stuff for it and hopfefully be better.




    The Final Day

    -24 Hours Remain-

    2020 is coming to a close, I did that text above as a joke but I might use that later because I like how it looks. :O Anyways we makin' some potato soup today; Flash is packing it's bags and I am late on picking the band of the week. I pick Steely Dan.

    My favorite additions to this blog usually start off as something I think would be funny but I already like Steely Dan a ton. He's one of my "recovery artists" [an artist I play when I over play other bands]. Here's the songs of his I already like in no specific order;

    Steely Dan

    Steely Dan is a Jazz/Soft-Rock group from the 70's. They get played a ton on satellite radio, that being why I discovered them. I then continued to dive into their catalog of music. I don't have any physical copies of their albums due to finding out about them during 2020. Satellite has a decent rate of playing his music but it tends to favor Hey Nineteen, Do It Again and Rikki.

    I don't have one favorite song but I like Do it Again, Chain Lightning, FM and Peg. It feels like he's just singing the audience a story sometimes. They are supposedly still active but I don't know if I'd get to go to a concert. I'd imagine it'd be a quieter audience which would be really nice. (Especially compared to other concerts I've been to)

    I ate the soup it was good. I also went out and got a small notebook; It should fit in my work pockets so maybe I can draw and stuff on my breaks. I looked into the ATV vs MX game for switch and it is filled with micro-transactions; Most tracks are bought and some bikes are behind a paywall. I'm disappointed. I am thinking about moving the Friendlies Section to it's own dedicated page, because after 2020 is in the archive it will look weird. It's been an okay year, next year is hopefully going to be when I get all my stuff together but we'll see :|

    That's all for now! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR :P

    Wouldn't you know it I'm back! I'm gonna mess around with iframes soon so the site is getting another change soon.

    Kept you waiting huh?

    It's almost new years and flash is slowly being lowered into it's grave. A major time sync of anyone with a computer in the early 2000's and soon a memory, much like shockwave before it [RIP]. Shockwave games I don't hear many talk about, it seemed to have many 3D games like unity web player. Looking back they always seemed to lag when I played them as a kid; I don't know if it was my internet, bad optimization or a mix of the two. Many sites have either gotten their own "flash player" to port things to like Newgrounds which almost all of it's content is made in flash [Music and images being the exceptions] others are attempting to remake assets from the ground-up and essentially porting as well to platforms like HTML5 and such. A chaotic situation for sure, I don't fully know why it is happening.

    Anywhosen! Five days later and I have returned dreading the fall of this internet giant. I added a new site to The Friendlies Section, that being Drew's Special Blog! You should check it out he has a writing style that interests me quite a bit.

    I'm currently designing some better divides for my content and messing with those. I still am considering those other two pages and if they will be combined or remain seperate as currently listed. To run backwards really fast I'm thinking of starting each post with a small image that describes what I'll be talking about. Just so I can have a guided-ramble here in the blog section. I'm also deciding what my artist of the week will be, expect that way later today and maybe my take on the show I'm watching at the moment.

    I recently combed my house because a game was missing from my collection that I knew I'd owned. That being ATV Offroad Fury 2, I found it...[ I placed it on the wrong shelf :p ] I'd say it's my favorite but I'm replaying them in order so we'll see how that stands. Maybe instead of a review section I post them chaotically here with the divide system? UPDATE: I am not going to do the divide system, I'll just use headers and such where those would apply anyway.

    I am looking for another band, maybe I'll do a dive on a band I already know some about; I'd really like to cover some of the bands I found from games. I could be linking the album covers from wikipedia when I talk about them, I feel like eventually it will change and someone checking my blog in the future won't be able to see the album cover that way (I mean the server that holds them or how they organize links). Maybe tiny album icons on here? Well since I'm going to be taking forever on the reviews section, I may as well review them here atleast until I add the section for it.

    ATV Offroad Fury (series)

    boxThese games have been on my mind for months now. You are a biker and you ride an assortment of ATVs and in the later games trucks and bikes; Competeing for best time, longest jumps and most tricks. Each vehicle has stats that can be altered. In the first game there is a ton of stats but I will be talking about the stats you can alter in the late games for convenience; The suspension, top speed/acceleration, and the traction.

    They feature music from Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Korn, Sevendust and System of a Down to name a few. It was my first exposure to some of those bands too.

    The gear your rider is customizeable to preset colors for each piece; The helmets, gloves, goggles, boots and jersey. It also allows you to change the number and name on the back of said jerseys. You buy those from the shop along with tracks and bikes; The points being earned from races and such. The tracks are filled with bumps and ramps and you can lean into them for more air or just ride them. Adding some light strategy to the game. Going with a bump at the right time can launch you ahead of the race, at the wrong time and you might have to drive up a ramp losing time.

    Also featured in the game is the Waypoint editer, allowing you to make a race track on the freestyle maps of the game. Those being a large open area with light track elements. I usually played just freestlye with my brothers when I played as a kid.

    The camera has multiple modes, they are really contextual only a handful are useable in any given situation (unless you are challenging yourself!) I get way to much enjoyment from just playing freestyle and launching myself off cliffs and weaving around trees and obstacles. Some of them at angles you never would in a normal race. My favorite camera to use when doing those shenanigans is the wheel cam.

    I believe my favorite in the series is the second game just due to how much I played it before, the first game has a lot of options for customizing your stats but not a whole lot in other departments. They made one for the switch recently and I think it allows you to place your own ramps and such in the freestyle maps. I would only ever buy it if it was for sale or I found it used in the wild.

    I rate the series as a whole 6.5 out of 10.

    I've figured out how the icons work for neocities so if you have me saved you can see me easier!


    Christmas Post! Some light edits to the sites header; I don't think I'm going to be able to post a whole bunch or do anything today as we're going to our family christmas thing (still). I gave presents this year and everyone was hyped for what I gave them but I just feel like I cheaped out this year...

    I'm thinking of doing a very dark background instead of just black behind the posts but am unsure if I'll like it/

    Possible as a background for the whole site and giving the posts the black background, using a lame tile-thing for it. I'm back to work tomorrow, I got a ton of clothing, a complete piece of thermal-wear, some shoes, a bluetooth speaker, actual slippers and this belt made from a New York firehouse. Our house did christmas last night because we didn't want to wakeup until like 3:00; (I still woke up early as shit tho :p ) One of my brothers got me those cookies (The sewing kit kind) but like six of the damn things but their tiny ones. So I've been going through those like it's my job.

    We divide our family Christmas up. One house on Christmas eve with one side of the family, and the other house on actual Christmas.

    EDIT: I've returned from Christmas schannagins. My mother just told me she's going to watch Cowboy Bebop cause Toonami is re-airing it. I'm excited to see what she thinks of it; The show's going to be marathoned from 12:00 to I think 3:00 (On Saturday's for the uninitiated) Expect some posts in maybe an interview format or just my opinions on the episode compared to my parent. I've also gained some followers! Their sites will be linked in "The Friendlies SectionTM" on the nav bar! :D

    EDIT EDIT: I've added my friend code for my switch to my about section and revamped it for like the nineth time now. I forgot the latest post thing was there, (like I knew I would...) so for now as a band-aid fix; It's an arrow because it will always point to the latest post :P I think the portal 88x31 is in it's final stage as I've gotten the file size to be really small and still basically look like the header. The size has gone from Kilobytes to bytes! (HYPE!)

    Anyways goodnight people! Hope your Christmas was Merry!

    Final Edit tonight I swear... I found a better compression method so my images are going to be uploaded at a higher frequency but be at a lower quality, there are other avenues if you'd like to actually see my artwork (Not that I've linked any here yet...) That being said here's some doodles from the christmas party!

    I really like how the little bird dude came out. An original creation of mine I throw about. The middle sheet is really chaoitc and I was really curious to see how it would show up if it was so compressed; That may end up being a project of mine, to mess with the compression of things; Not that I wasn't already doing that with the website but this would be a more extreme large scale thing than it currently is!


    It's Christmas Eve, the layout is now in full effect :o but, I'm out of ideas for the time being. Now I just need to get the last two pages up. I might upload some more artwork or gifs to the shrines section. (RICHTER 0_0?) There isn't a whole lot happening today so here's a fact I think about a lot;

  • "Fun Fact: One of the natural predators of the moose is the killer whale."
  • Anyways, I'll probably have some christmas content(tm) tonight or tomorrow.

    UPDATE: The "schedule" for band of the week is going to be every Wednesday. No specific time or anything just sometime on Wednesday.

    I have listened to almost every album of Oingo Boingo at this point. I still like Dead Man's Party the best. Here's a lightning round of their music;

    Oingo Boingo

    I'm porbably going to combine the posts about them (Oingo Boingo) and put it in either the new review section when I add it or shrines (Oingo Boingo)

    OINGO BOINGO is pretty cool they deserve a shrine section tbh and it's fun to read it...

    I made a tiny belmont


    I think I'm gonna have a whole gif set of him in the about section!

    He's so funny looking!

    I've updated the shrines section and soft reset it. I felt the sections on the old one where just there to be there and weren't really things I find the best and they didn't carry the same momentem as the first three so they are all I kept. The last post I did in there felt more like a review than a shrine post.

    I've also uploaded some drawing I've done finally. It's in the shrines section and badly traced in my about section if you'd like it "digitally" (I phoned in the digital version).

    I recently picked Oingo Boingo as band of the week so I would look into their music and to my suprise the lead singer was Danny Elfman. I don't know how I decided to look into their music. It started as a joke cause their name sounded fun to say. but now I'm honestly interested in looking into it. Danny Elfman did the soundtrack for almost every Tim Burton movie and the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies and it's just weird for me (looking at his history in reverse) to think he started with Oingo Boingo as they seem radically different.

    Also a little bonus the band of the week section is in my about page :D


    Oingo Boingo

    I am already familiar with their some of their songs due to satellite radio but only registered that I thought it sounded cool. I started on spotify with Dead Man's Party and Weird Science which are pretty fun to listen too. I really like that they use trumpets a lot. Of their albums, The font they use on their 1980 self titled EP is interesting to look at; And my favorite to look at cover is the Dead Man's Party cover which looks like a shoebox diorama featuring dancing skeletons (Dead Men Partying).

    We'll see how much of their music I end up liking by the end of the week. That's all I have time for, Christmas Eve is approaching!


    I've added little bits and things to the about section that will change weekly, it'll show things I've heavily been listening to and what I recently watched. More to come to that section, I expect it to get it's own overhaul to show little details about myself. (Kinda like my own shrine page and not just a glorified "contact me") I am rewatching the first episode for the review here soon. It won't match my immediate hype after watching it initally but I will still think it's cool!

    One of my old friends contacted me a day or so ago strangely after I was thinking about them the other day. I haven't responded yet :p but I think I'll just send a meme or something. I can't seem to find the last gift I was looking for and can't/couldn't order it because we share an account for most stuff. So I can't get it for them this year...

    Tomorrow is the day we make cookies for Christmas. We started doing a box for our friends' family. We have been doing it for a couple years and it's been difficult to do that this year, as we usually get cool stuff for each other at thrift stores and things accross the whole year and that hasn't been possible for a lot of the year. I got my lil' cousins some cool things however but I haven't actually wrapped anything (I'm not that good at it).

    Me and my Dad went on a little journey to find something for my Mom and couldn't find anything good, places picked over and such or just things not being in stock because of the year not having in-store things.

    I haven't watched anime and actually paid attention to it in months. I've just been throwing them on in the background of things. I usually am watching through Funimation when I do and they just put in the works of acquiring Crunchyroll. If it goes through it'll be way easier to watch whatever I want (because I refuse to buy both).

    I've been thinking about it a lot since they added a ton of Mecha shows (one of my favorite genres) to Funimation. I tend to watch Mecha or Romance anime the most, the first anime I watched was a Mecha show and I have yet to find another mech show that was as hype as it was. Gurren Lagann was my first anime I genuinely sat down and watched the whole way through, it was on Netflix and I had to go to some janky website to watch the rest years back. There was like a movie and a season? I think that weren't on Netflix in 2016. The show was over the top.

    I constantly forget I can just talk about what's on my mind with these sections and still I end up trying to keep it on what happened that day and not just what I've been thinking about...

    I do technically put up what I'm thinking about but when I'm posting to the site I am usually thinking about the site so you just end up with posts about how I'm going to format the posts :p Most meta-post bullshit but I can't help it.

    My brother recomended an anime to me the other day but it was one I already watched. It was BOFURI: I don't want to get hurt, so I'll max out my defense. It suffers from long title disease so it just goes by Bofuri online. But we just called it Shield-Girl when we talked about it. I don't remember a damn thing from the show so I might as well rewatch it if I don't have anything else I want yet.

    I don't feel like rushing the mandalorian review anymore. The hype carried over and while I like starwars the ending of the last season episode left a Luke-Warm feeling to the next season of the show. While it was interesting and cool to look at the places they took it I don't think I want to rewatch it for awhile.

    I keep doodling on the envelopes I get my paycheck in, why is it so much easier to start drawing on paper and things your just going to get rid of? Is that it, because not only will no one see it but it will be gone forever once you discard it. But why can't I unprompted start drawing anywhere else! The only creative works I seem to have motivation to start are the chaotic ones, luckily this website is mostly long winded rambling. I'm going to sleep! Check back tomorrow.



    The first post of the new layout! After hours to days. I danced around doing it this way but didn't want to because I forgot I could just un-bold the text. If you are using normal table cells for your layout/considering it. Consider this, as doing it this way has no downsides I can see. Doing it the normal way brings a text limit, and you can just add the bold tag to parts of the text to you want bold again.

    Anyways, this layout appears almost the same on landscape mobile but looks terrible when viewed portrait on my small phone. The Archive Is going to maintain the "classic layout" for faster content scrolling with the year(s) where the old navigation bar was. Years are going to be divided up but, we'll see if that'll be a problem when and if we get there. It'll just be speculative until I get there. My button is now more visable, please link it back here if you use it. I'll have others below it as I get acquainted with others around here. This should be the last heavy layout post for awhile, or atleast until something else bothers me with the layout.

    On to other things finally!

    I've been awarded with most of my week off and have A SEASON OF THE MANDALORIAN TO REVIEW! If you care about spoilers and things like that you have a day to start watching because I am not going to hold back; Also the reviews will be held in their new section! Which will be thrown into the side-bar when it drops tomorrow at 12:00 AM EST. Game reviews will also be in that place but Starwars content will be given it's own section there (I think) Expect some other reviews of movies and such there after the Mandalorian review is wrapped. Also the old posts are not gone they are immediately going to be thrown into the archive after a new month is here to keep the front page cleaner.

    The layout change hasn't taken full effect and is currently just the homepage. I will be reworking and such over the coming weeks.


    This is the most I've written this years date and I only just realized I can go '20; Exciting times. I updated the website quote. I feel it fits the site a lot more. I am going to be toying with the font size and such, I figured out the div tags but it ended up not looking how I wanted it to. So the search for the layout continues.

    EDIT: Hello it's late!

    I've found a very simple way to solve the layout issue, I was also given an extra day off this Tuesday so I'll have extra time to sort it out before I am Christmas-ing about. It is very bare-bones and I do not expect it to become a perma solution however it will work until I find a better fix (If I don't find one that's a different story...) A Side-bar, maybe some polls and basically more options for people to interact without "reaching out". Letting them remain anonymous and such. This is going to be a large over-haul before I shift gears to exclusively posting for awhile. I'm way to excited to see what changes the overhaul will bring, as long as it remains usable on mobile.

    RE-EDIT: THE MOBLIE TEST SITE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS DESKTOP! I don't know what I expected but after the last attempt I didn't expect it to be easier than the div containers which I had trouble displaying exactly what I wanted. I went back to a more ancient way, that will fit the site's current look I think.


    Mandalorian Season Finale just dropped! I really liked the episode till the very last scenes and we'll get to that but for now, I am going to be posting my reveiw of the series starting from Episode 1 of the Mandalorian. Expect a lot of updates in the shrines section about it and if you also like my music, some more about my favorite bands. On top of that I messed with columns last night and they did appear the same on moblie when I uploaded it here. So expect some layout changes finally!

    It's been an exciting few days. Christmas ShoppingTM is finished and now it's just another thing to wait on. I'm off on Christmas Eve reguardless if we're open due to it being on Thursday and Christmas we are closed. Awarding me with three days off next week then this year will be over. I wonder if I can put the Header and Footer in a seperate page and just keep it saved seperate for all my pages. When I wrote about columns yesterday I didn't know I was actually going to get a hang of it in like two hours on my own. I'm so proud of my self about that. After this burst of fresh starwars stuff I'm curious to see how the new drought of content will effect the starwars community. After that ending I wonder if anyone felt the same way as me about it. I completely called the major characters returning to my friends and specifically told them if they added this one character from the show it was gonna knock it down a peg. I'm so sick of certain characters just being "back" with no context. Sometimes it's okay but as the character is closer and closer to main cast it gets on my nerves. That they make it seem like the show is a cliffnote and nothing to care about. Like you know as the character is so attached to the main cast that they literally protected by a plot we see them in later.

    It would be different if they had a character similar to "Anakin" something terrible happening to them that is unseen. A major event that happens to them that we unsure of when it will happen. Not to say his character was without flaws but that his character is literally so different compared to his first appearence that it could be interesting to see the transformation and if it is so different than we might not even connect that it's the same character. Once you figure out it's them it feels more like an "Oh shit! wait that's him?" type thing. I feel passionate about the starwars franchise, I'm not suprised it isn't in the shrines section because I'd have to start somewhere over the others.

    To review what I just said; When they have prequels it tends to include characters we know will make it. No urgency when they're in a scary engagement. When they start to mix with characters we don't see they feel less important the longer a character we are familiar with is on screen with them. Starwars does this all the time and I wish it would stay detached more, I want the story to feel new. I don't know what else to add to that.

    My favorite station to listen to on normal radio has changed to country music. I've been using spotify and satellite however but it's like a "Woah, I can't believe that's gone now!"

    Anyways, this is all I have time for today. Maybe tonight. I am enroute to a productive day!


    The work weekend has officially ended :(

    I've finally updated the old style sheet of this website to match the current theme; Up until this point each page was still using their own style tags which entirely voided said style sheet! (big yikes). I can't believe I didn't do that any sooner. Yet another carry over from a time that is long gone that has since been removed. So much space saved by doing it this way. I apologize if you decided to check the blog while I was tweaking the style sheet... I've yet to actually pass 0.0% on the space used for Neocitites and am curious to see when I'll actually make it to that.

    I have also finally removed the underlines from the links, the only distinction being the fact that they are yellow. Next in the site styling is to mess with collumns for mobile and a few tweaks and additions to the layouts of the other pages; When I mess with the "div" tag.

    I'm most likely overhyping up the projects section by constantly talking about it. Anyways, you ever notice the effect other people can have on your day to day on a subconscious level? Like you don't even register that you are doing something because of their action(s) and over time if it continues to happen you'll adapt to doing it even if they aren't around anymore. Are those actions our own? The one's that are our response to other people. While they clearly show how we respond to outside interactions are they not merely there because they led us to that solution. You wouldn't have needed to do it otherwise and it creates a learned habbit that isn't easily thrown away, unless of course another outside factor comes into it. In which case it is so heavily used that you are for some reason unwilling to give it up; The trait you of course didn't need in the first place. I'm afraid of what the consequences of so many other cooks leaving will have on me (at work).

    While I did infact want to leave myself a year back everything has been so shaken up by this year that throwing away what bonuses and things I have now for something else that is unknown right now is scary. Not that it isn't always scary but with how uncertain it is that anywhere will take me, let alone be as much or a confirmed stay at a new job. I've been here for exactly how long I thought it'd end up being when I plotted it out, in my worst case scenario. Not that it included a global pandemic. I'm currently on track to fix a lot of my problems in the middle of 2021, but it just seems so much farther away with nothing happening while I'm trying to get to that day. It's nice to have groups of people to talk to, friends even. But you can only talk for so long. It cannot pass the time, all the time.

    This year has felt a lot like 2016 (2013?) for me. Which I would have told you before was the strangest time in my life so far for awhile. Those three years much like these three feel like a blur.

    I keep losing contact with people or being ghosted by friends that it is nice to have groups that just respond after so long. The friends of course that magically appeared everytime we ended up going to a major event like a concert or comic con. We only really hung out when there was a place to go. Things to do, places that needed tickets or something to buy. I am angry I let that happen for so long. This year feels like a strange blessing for me. Giving me time to reflect and address what has happened in the past. While I do have friends and people from work now. We can only really talk at the moment.

    So much has been on my mind today, my day off while over has felt crowded with thoughts. Things I need to do and things I haven't even considered. Too much I usually ignore; Coming to the surface because I haven't been distracted as much. Not that I've done anything to change any of these things as of yet but I have finally noticed they're around, needing to be fixed and such. Baby steps, I have time.

    Mind the ramble, please think for me I can't bare to.


    The "work weekend" begins, I've added my Discord link to the "about me" section. On top of that I'm figuring out how I want images to appear on this page. If I want them to just be normal or limited to the color palette of the website. I've added a ton of stuff to the Shrines Section. The project section will be added around the time I decide on the image formatting. A Review section may be next unless I add criticisms to the shrines page.


    ATV Offroad Fury

    An offroad racing game from 2002; The game features over # bikes to race through the # levels while you listen to music by the likes of #. The game offers customization of the bikes stats such as the suspension, top speed/acceleration and the brakes. Making some aspects of the bike more or less responsive to inputs (ie looser or tighter turning). The later levels of the game have a small margin of error but a strategy can easily be figured out for each track. The AI isn't too bad at the game and still can make mistakes from time to time. I mean to say they're well balanced.

    In the options menu the game allows you to make customized waypoint gates on the freestyle maps to make races across them....

    Final Score

    The game is # and I rate it # out of #.


    An example of how the reviews might appear with a "half-template". I might just occasionally post them to the main page and add something similar to the shrines page to use as tags to jump to ones where I talk about a specific topic. On top of that I am going to be adding an archive portion to the top of the home screen to jump to specific months and if I keep up with it years.

    I am just kind of spitballing about ideas here for personal reference. The reviews page will most likely be a Console sort and each game for a console I review will have it's own collapsible tab. For now the "aesthetic" of the website will remain a simple black background, with white text and yellow text for links.

    Please note that the "review" above isn't actually complete, it is only a proof of concept not an actual review of the game. Merely created so I can see how it formats on the site.


    Hey hey! Not much of an update on anything this week. I redid the 88x31 button to stick to the site's color scheme better and it takes up less space which is fantastic. I also finished the new header but am unsure when I'll be adding it as it needs to look good on mobile as well. I'm also planning on adding a section again for short stories, and other creative works to be posted; The Projects Page.

    Lot's of new starwars projects were just green-lit by Disney. Over ten new shows and movies. Also another Indiana Jones project is finally in the works. Exciting news for me but not much to say about it. The Lando show could be promising if it's him treasure hunting/adventuring around the galaxy. The Rogue Squadron movie will be great to me reguardless of what they do with it, I just wish it was also a series and not a movie. The Obi-Wan series has Hayden Christensen returning as Darth Vader. Not sure the direction they will be heading in that show story wise. Unless they have a way for Obi Wan to be out in the open. It could be a really sneaky kind of show with close calls but I don't expect any interactions between the two unless they do flashbacks. None of the other projects they announced really strike a chord with me but more content is more content. (shrug)

    My work "weekend" starts tonight so expect some changes around these parts. I might make a chart or something and throw a link to my discord finally to receive feedback and chat with people. I might also have a "bounty board" somewhere that'll show things I'm currently doing/working on in a section that you don't have to read through to check. Making the website look the same on mobile and desktop is a blessing and a curse. I need a list of shows, games and things I've watched up here somewhere and of course a spot that shows my most overplayed songs of the week (if it changes enough) considering I have music going so much. I have some ideas for some small games to put on here but am unsure of when I'll get around to that and if it will even allow me to add such things (I am way too ambitious for what I can do/am willing to do).

    In fun things this week I've played a lot of Minecraft and grinded out Smash Bros characters (My pacman is god-tier). Either me or one of my brothers needs to get a minecraft realm up soon. I am going to be doing some shopping tomorrow for the last of my christmas gifts for people. I've been giving them gifts throughout the year and need something for christmas so I made it hard on myself.

    Ghost of Tsushima won best art direction this year! (I skipped the rest of the awards...) The team behind Dead Space is making another game finally and it looks really close to Dead Space; Since I assume they don't have the rights anymore (thanks EA) this is going to be technically Dead Space 4. Just to hear they're still active is nice. That's all this week so far. Comeback tomorrow, for content is coming.


    Hello it's late, the shrine section is still underway. However the problem isn't that I didn't plan it more so I haven't written it all out. I intend to use the shrines section to talk about anything and everything I feel like randomly and at a higher frequency than normal posts. I am on the fence about adding more site features due to just wanting to focus on making more posts without worrying about the mobile version of the site (currently is formats almost exactly 1-to-1). Besides that yesterday went good, some people are thinking about quiting again but it feel like they always are thinking about it so I'll hold my breath.

    As for today I should be asleep already. Get ready for an unceremonious drop of the shrines page sometime this week with some light content on various things.

    The new episode of the Mandalorian released yesterday but I didn't mention the episode before it either. The last episode re-introduced something to Starwars Canon that I so desperately wanted back and they seem like they'll be a huge threat for Din. They also within the same episode brought back another fan favorite character back. This current episode was their attempt at recovering from the events I just touched on. This show knows exactly what's keeping me watching and seems to just keep putting in Starwars things that haven't been in any live action things yet; It almost feels like a checklist to keep me coming back. Not much to say on it without spoiling the episode. However once the second season is over expect my spoiler-filled overview of the first season.

    UPDATE: The Shrine Section is finally up, I've been playing a lot of Smash Bros. Ultimate since I got my switch working so I've been doing that a ton. I'm going to be assimilating what was going to be the contact section into the about section. After that I'll be focusing on just adding my artwork and posting more.


    The first post of December! Some of my online friends from March got back into contact with me last night. Spotify released the"Your Top Songs of 2020" . My top genre was Rock music.

    Top Songs

    1. New Girl - The Suicide Machines
    2. Superman - Goldfinger
    3. Sell Out - Reel Big Fish
    4. Waiting Room - Fugazi
    5. Keasbey Nights - Catch 22

    Top Artists

    1. Barenaked Ladies
    2. Stone Temple Pilots
    3. Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    4. Nirvana
    5. Billy Joel

    Other than that, I still need to do some Christmas Shoppingtm for my family cause I've been sleep walking through this year. I have no idea how Billy Joel made it to the #5 spot; Nirvana being up there is weird too cause I only really like a handful of their songs. The top songs however, I know I overplayed them all. Suprised more Ska didn't make it into my top artists.

    If I had to guess my top game of this year I think it would be Ghost of Tsushima. The combat system is really fun and the way it handles waypoint navigation is intergrated into the world extremely well that you spend more time actually looking at the enviroment. I also really love the setting too. The side-missions feel like their own dedicated stories and some start their own quest lines.

    I watched Samurai Champloo for the first time just a month before Ghost came out to hype myself up for some Samurai stuff. Some of the dated slang tells me when the show came out but it has one interesting soundtrack and solid world building. The journey was interesting and simple but got complicated as they get involved and interact with people they meet on the way there. The story only happening because they managed to be at the right place at the right time, creating the plot for each episode. The viewer only seeing the interesting parts of their trip. Like a vacation highlight reel of destruction :)

    Animal Crossing would be my second game of the year due to that March hype; My switch refuses to work properly and I need to send it in so that knocks it down a few pegs. Very fun while I played it but got boring as soon as I finished house upgrades. Without the crafting it's just another Animal Crossing game.

    Still having a working Gamecube means I can just play the original animal crossing whenever. The villagers in that version of the game feel more like actual people than in New Horizons where they have specific personalities for each type of villager. So once you've heard one 'cutesy' villager if you have more than one, there is no point in talking to the others cause they'll say the same lines with a different nickname for the player (if they haven't been assimilated by the others to say the same nickname yet).

    My third favorite game would all be remakes so I don't think they count for this year. Because I bought Animal Crossing and not Doom Eternal :( which funnily enough would have just swapped animal crossing out on placement.

    That's all I got time for, Happy Holidays!



    Well it's been two weeks and I've decided to start using the blog section to write about anything; Not just my day to day events. I also have the about section finished [Until I decide to change it]. Waiting until I have the section up to start talking about stuff is ugh. Anyways, I've been going through some of the games in my collection and noticed some of them are my first exposure to some bands. I replayed the first ATV Offroad Fury, some of the bands in that I still listen to heavily include Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Primus. Sevendust and Anthrax also did some of the music but I always forget that they exist.

    That game is still fun to just throw on and drive aimlessly. The garage mechanics take so much trial and error to figure out but offers some complexity to the bikes. I think they simplified it in the second game but it's sadly missing from my collection currently. I might have it in some strange location out of box in my house but that won't be found in my life time.

    I just finished the newest episode of the Mandalorian, I love the cowboy-samurai vibes it gives off; Other starwars media has it but this is in a new show! Lone wandering warrior. I don't really want to spoil any details of the episode or series here but if you like this sort of thing you absolutely need to watch it. I will talk about the fact that some of these droids, vehicles and blasters have yet to be seen in live action or moving so just seeing them actually work or move excites me to no end. That's all I have time to post for now! Maybe an update before the nights over!


    I've returned! I'm still working on the shrine page [I'm too indecisive...]. This week has been boring; Thanksgiving was yesterday and we celebrated but it doesn't even feel like it happened. This year is finally starting to get to me. I don't expect anything eventful to happen for awhile. Anyways, I am still planning out more sections of the site but I wasn't able to focus on it until now. This post is basically just letting you know I didn't forget about my website again. Content is on it's slow but inevitable way!


    Well not much happened for me this week. Played a ton of games, got to see one of my friends at work today. We joked around and talked about the Mandalorian, speculated about the next episode. Expect the Starwars section to be up sometime this week! I also found some inspiration for the design of this website, if I settle on ones another thing. I managed to get tomorrow morning off so I might post again very soon if I don't attempt the new design instead. I'm really trying to keep the home page for general journaling and hopefully soon the sections will be up soon so I can talk about some starwars!


    Hello World! not sure exactly what this is going to turn into but I've switched gears due to never having enough time. This originally started in 2017 as a fun idea to write stories everyday and then I ended up slowly forgetting about it. Cut to 2020 and I've been using my computer to journal, as I continue to develop this website I will add more links and maybe some genuine design but for now black and white seems to be it. So, feel free to join me on my attempt to blog.

    Impromptu about me section! I am CorBin, I made this website some time when I was seventeen, the website name being a weird product of that... I'm now twenty; I am very into starwars and collecting starwars stuffs, I also like to collect older games and the occasional music CD. I find the lot of my stuff at thrift stores or estate sales. I am a fan of a large number of anime so that may get it's own section later on. I also do cosplay and dress up for events, which won't be happening again for a long but still...

    My favorite music genres are Grunge, Ska and Alt Rock. My favorite bands of each of those being Stone Temple Pilots, Streetlight Manifesto and BNL.
    That's all I got today, I'll probably end up doing reviews sections for things I own along with art and cosplay sections. We'll see!