CorBin's Gallery

The place I put my art, photos, graphics and other things created for the site.

More Coming Soon!

"CorBi" - March 6th '21

"Kirbo" - March 12th '21

The Yellow Ranger


I wanted a ranger that looked imposing. The Yellow Rangers are usually fast, adaptable and hand to hand specialists.

The helmet is based on boxing headgear. The marks on the side represent gills. Between the pauldrons represent shark teeth. I'm very happy with it, desined for my Power Ranger RPG character. The V on the helmet represents the double fins and I thought it looked sick. The animal motif is a Nurse Shark.


A few pictures of me from a photoshoot I did in Detroit; Taken in July 2021. These being a few of my favorites. They open in a new tab at full size.