I really like this show. It's takes place in a futuristic noir world. Bebop music and jazz. Not a whole lot of fan-service, could use it to introduce people to anime. Almost no fan-service of the usual "type".

While fan-service can be neat, some kinds are strange to those not familiar to anime. My non-anime watching friends can watch this with me. The world it establishes is engaging, there is almost always an action scene in every episode. A dogfight, a chase or up close. Something is always happening.

3.2.1.. Let's Jam

It's a show about bounty hunters in space. It's gotta happen ya know. Every frontier has bounty hunters why wouldn't the final frontier?

It also means you get a ton of places explored with no reason to stay. They're on the clock.

You get to see multiple sides of their universe, the underworlds, the jobs. What are people doing in this setting. How do people live and get by. How different is it from now? IS IT ANY DIFFERENT? What is still the same?