Cool Sites

Here's some other places from around the way I think are neat; Mutual sites and such and their blinkies also, fun blinkies I've created (when I make some). Feel free to explore!

As for my creations on this page, please link back or give credit if you take them for your own site!

~Link me XP
Hyperfixation Buttons

Found Blinkies

Blinkies I've found through diving into Neocities or around online. Said blinkies will either link back to their source or tell you on roll-over.

This section is for when I;

  1. Can't find a personal blinky on your page.
  2. I was lazy and didn't look for a blinky but, wanted people to know about your page.
  3. You don't have a Blinky (and I wish you did but I also don't want to make one without permission)...
  4. An arbitrary reason.
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