Ten days since I posted on the blog part, how was Thanksgiving?

Missed posting about the anniversary event. I was going to do a site history museum. With concepts of updates I never did or finished as well. I think it would be cool to see the directions the site could have gone to others. I tend to love that aspect of concepts and I might have a gold mine of my favorite thing to see that I created. However, a few are misplaced or badly sorted; So it is delayed. But isn't the anticipation of something so much greater than it could ever be?

Regardless, my Thanksgiving went good. My cousins seem so much older, they remind me of myself in different ways all the time. It was raining the whole time, I love this weather so much (even if my allergies act up :P).

I went for a walk a few days ago in the rain, the wind blowing in the direction I'm walking with the sound of the leaves and everything always feels cool. I like this time the best, I already wrote about that a long time ago but never in details. I can only write about it really well while it's currently happening.

I started watching Hunter X Hunter, I really like all the main characters a lot. I haven't made it far I'm at the first mention of nen... I was inspired by a character analysis of Gon I seen (which I stopped when it got into spolier territory :|) and deep diving into Fox's website; I took the test and got conjurer. So far in the show, Kurapika seems the most interesting and cool, Gon doesn't feel simple and Leorio has funny moments with the most selfless goal. That's all the ones I'm going to talk about if you haven't watched it, fairly easy to find on anything too. I can't say I have a definitive favorite (It's probably Kurapika though if I have to say one :PPPP)

I've started to talk to people again but have still been pretty busy. Hopefully soon. Getting more comfortable doing that is one of my goals and one I'm willing to share openly that I don't commonly focus on due to the severity of the others.

I have removed so many old clothes and am getting ready to try removing the oil smell from them all with some remedies I found. I might make a section with the most helpful remedies and things along those lines. Cleaning stuff and dare I say, crafts :P (wodijawjidoijwajoaw)

I went through some of the old concept sites a lot, to see how this started and all it was. I'm always happy with them and the direction, I can't say that I have a regret yet. It's hard to believe the original version sometimes and only a year ago at this point. Some proposed changes are still planned but I can't fit the scope that I want so I wait until I do a different part of the site to circle back but I tend to know exactly what I want in some capacity. The playstation shrine keeps getting smaller, eventually it will be a few games. This is a belated anniversary ramble but I have a few games already in mind.

I liked the episodes of Hawkeye so far, I was curious to see how this one would turn out. This, Moonknight and X-Men. The Spiderman show will probably be cool to me but I'm not excited for it.

I noticed a trend in the things I like to do every year, even though I haven't been trying to notice things like that. Somethings I consistantly do at the same time of year, sometimes even on the same day. It could be revisiting a certain hobby or game maybe even a movie or even a food. As if I'm inspired or influenced to do it. It's never anything bad, using those words kind of makes it sound like there's more to it. Maybe the aspects of those days subtlely remind me of the last time and I pick up on it enough to repeat it. Either way this means I have an ideal day for certain things and an expectation for things hard-coded into how I think that I sometimes pick up on.

I like finding more in things. Maybe that's just me doing what I do best. Something I will inevitably also talk about on here about myself.



Work schedule has been "scuffled" :/ bugging me even when I'm outside of work means I must be over invested, not that me being aware makes it stop. I have walked a ton, a few of the days I didn't even go for a walk my phone counted the steps at work and beat one of the days that I specifically walked but that is inconsistant and dependant on how much I need to be moving in the first place.

I'm not a fan of getting used to the new people and how they work only to have them put on a different day, especially when I have a work flow that's dependant on who's there, what they can do and it will effect my whole work week. I guess I'm just angry I wasn't asked about this one when I have been in the past. It feels like a betrayal for whatever reason.

New info about the Kenobi series was announced, nothing really to be seen. As much as I love concept art this area of starwars already has like all the concept art. The Empire is uniformity, it's going to all look similar right? While it's cool to see new enviroments in the concepts the Empire having them isn't going to disinterest me, show me what YOU are bringing to this. I've had Disney+ for a year, if I don't see anything of this I'm going to cancel and wait till it's all there; I can be very patient for this. I love Star Wars as a setting, I like to see new things done with the setting. It's why I liked the first Starwars vision the most. I want you to show me new things in familiar places.

Time to make a bad analogy, you go to get ice cream, vanillia will still be there; However, you occasionally need that weird monthly flavor and you might want to try it with your favorite. I don't want you to bring out the old ice cream with a different name. Show me something else, if you aren't giving me anything new why shouldn't I just keep what I have...

A slightly better one, if you are repainting the old thing as a new thing and I can tell, I'm going to just hold on to the old thing and keep it at that.

This applies to so much, either offer me enough new to justify this or don't do it.

You know when you play like a trick attack game, and then you keep spaming a move so it rewards less over time. That's how I would describe the current state of the franchise; Atleast in the pockets I care about. So I've turned to fan-works, they usually seem to know what fans want being fans themselves. Picking underused things to focus on or expanding on corners that had nothing previously.

Mandalorians finally feel interesting again, I have only positive things to say about that series. The Jedi Purge may feel like it lasts 17 years now :P

The court is yours.



Smoothest handling of work stress ever; Staying calm, working through it and the happiness of realizing the difficult part was over before I was overwhelmed. I might be able to keep doing this if they all go like today.

Tuesday mornings are for cleaning, we came up with this a few days ago. Nothing is really wrong as long as I can keep that sorted.

I tried this cake thing; It was a mandarin orange cake. Had pieces of the orange on the bottom of it, tasted amazing.



I'm making excuses to avoid talking to people aren't I? I'm going to try to just contact people again.

My goal date is still the 20th. There's a great many of shows I've watched but I know what to expect due to the ammount of shows I've watched so I'm going to start exercising again in the time I would have dedicated to watching. I used to have a person that invited me to go to their gym, it was the only way I felt comfortable doing something like that but now I just want to do it again, on my own :)

I'm going to just start running before work. I intend on getting a gym membership soon.

Don't have anything else to really write :P
Mark your calendars!



I ever so badly want to info-dump about my experiences. So much is on my mind and the things I consider secret are almost secondary to everything else. Considering it's almost a year since I started anyone who's stuck around deserves to know right?

Even if I feel this way right now, it isn't enough to know the whole thing at the moment. I will most likely dread it later if I do it before I accomplish my most important goals. If this was out of the way I feel like it would be the ultimate weight removed from posting. Maybe explain everything. I'd feel like I'm a "completely normal person". Yet today is not the day.

What will be my song of the day?

On the ride home tonight, I heard "pictures of you". Most of my song of the days are a song I heard that made me feel an emotion I was feeling and related to or just thought of while doing basic tasks and stuck with me.

Is it deserving? We'll see.




Of course I'm up right now, is fashion majorly about how things look over feel?

Halloween happened.

I was told a terrible thing someone had done, I won't say more than that except that it somehow involved frogs to some capacity.

The day appears to be the 20th that too much will be happening, I haven't done anything to readily prepare myself except acknowledge that it has to be that day. Part of my plan that has been in the works since site inception. STILL not close enough for me to want to fully talk about it but just say it's a thing. Maybe get some pancakes or something if my plans aren't ruined by external things. That's on the list for foods that bring me joy.

I've been missing some friends, I know that if do anything involving other people right now I'll derail myself and the end result is too important. I literally can't help it, it's like my main feature.

Linkin Park song has been in my head, it's like a whirlwind and I can't stop hearing it ;)

I find this one really funny but I love it.

Before I lay me down to sleep, marble churches aren't supposed to be grey and dark. Yes it's gothic but it also just hasn't been cleaned in God knows how long. I don't care if it's peak aesthetic clean your walls. Why did vampires never do that you live almost forever clean your damn walls. It's not like they have to pay someone to do it, they can fly up and get the difficult spots. I know they're like literally evil and it's supposed to symbolize their disdain for the church or whatever but it's your house too at that point. Isn't a church used for anything other than worship enough for them?

I've been thinking about it all day.



Halloween is tomorrow; I ordered a cool witch hat just for work tomorrow.

Seen some new StarWars collectibles that looked cool. A Bossk full mask thing.

I've been getting ready for the final animal crossing update, they're adding a ton of things I thought were missing. I reallly want to redo my whole town layout based on this one I seen where you give everyone their own yard. Currently I have them all grouped up with an area inbetween them with picnic tables and things like that and a second plaza with a fountain.

Froggy chair was finally added back, full farming, and of course villagers can finally enter player housing (kinda my favorite thing). I had my home designed for a ton of those dudes but it wasn't even in the game yet...

I had a flower garden that I layed out like a farmhouse thing so this will work out pretty good for swapping out with my favorite one, POTATOES!



Cisco wasn't mean today!!!!

He usually likes to rush me but he didn't. He could've but he was just super nice!

Cisco is a bird that lives with us. He's a pet and really cool. He knows a few words and can talk and stuff.

Cisco is a Yellow Headed Amazon. The icon on my fun stuff page is based on him.

I really like birds so the fact that he wasn't mean today is really cool for me! I think they are really cool but they sometimes can be scary.

He does like to call from the other room and talk to me if he knows I'm around and that's really cool. Sometimes I wonder if he is rushing to attack or because he is excited to see me cause he does this thing with his head.

He is very colorful, he isn't the first type of bird I think of but he's the only one I know like this. When I have a problem, sometimes I "rubber duck" to Cisco. He knows a few words that make it really fun to talk to him about problems. I am always calm when I talk to Cisco about these things, sometimes it's like venting.

I may make a whole Cisco Page with stuff on it. He qualifies for a shrine page as he gets me in a reallllly good mood sometimes and is helpful even if indirectly. I would probably fight to keep Cisco if I needed to.

I'd love to write more about him heere but I may end up putting it on the shrine now :P



A couple of things still going on, updated somethings. Almost posted about something and then realized I'd rather not talk about that here :p

Still pretty disorganized from updating my space but the setup is working. I made a starwars background/wallpaper for it B) I really like how it turned out even if it is really simple, did it in like four minutes to comemorate finally getting a bigger monitor.

I did get Sora, he's pretty okay. I heard someone call it "Ness with a sword". I totally agree with that. With my playstyle, I'd say it's a B-tier in combat S-tier in recovery (for his type).

I tend to keep old clothes or oversized clothes as pajamas. Yet I usually just grab any shirt that's clean and the nearest pajama pants. So I'm either going to remove the thing all together or pick like a top three PJ pants. My closet is barely even touched too so I'll be doing that again soon. NOWHERE IS SAFE!

I did some fanart of Bossk. Don't know if I'll finish it but if I do it'll be here.

One of my favorite co-workers is back for a couple days; I hope I get to work with him again.

My brother told me "Deltarune has always been free." Certain I'm going to end up playing it now.



Made plans today, thrown off. By something I knew would end up happening. It's not all bad, I am only momentarly angry because of this.

I had too much faith in someone. :/

I did however finally get new furniture, still a mess however I was going to clean everything today. That's included in the thrown off plans. I also care too much, knowing others can handle what I WILL BE DOING. Yet I was asked first. Which creates a cycle of depending exclusively on me that I just constantly feed into. I'm getting tired of it. Yet I do get enjoyment from helping others. Complicated.

I just wish others would keep their word as easily as I will keep mine. I wish everyone could be depended on equally.

Today's song reflects the general feeling literally. I feel like these people are children :/

But I mean, you never really stop being a kid. In a legal sense you do but, sometimes not in actions. I wish I could confront these people but I have nothing nice to say to them so I'll stop here.

I have some planned over-hauls. I was going to do it Saturday but I noticed a few errors and the server thing happened by the time it was done.

The new Minecraft biome thing looks dope. The Swamps are my favorite place but aren't always viable. I like a ton of biomes honestly.

I watched someone play detlarune, looked cool. Someone told me it was free or they got it for free so I might end up checking it out :P

I didn't get Sora yet. I got one big desk thing as my new setup for everything, I'm quite happy about it so once that's setup I plan on some more game specific stuff.

Some console specific pages for sure cause I can't warrant a full page in my mind for certain games.

I really wish things would stop happening...

Reach for the Sky!


Sora was just announced as the final Super Smash Bros Character in ultimate. I was hoping when I heard the Disney Music Leaks. I'm so hyped that they added him to the series. My favorite fighters in smash are floaty types so this should be very interesting especially when I seen his recovery options. I might write a page about Kingdom Hearts or something. I have an interesting idea with my game of the day and song of the day as well.

I'm not totally sure about how the KH lore works but Kirby Doesn't get a keyblade. I know it's so they can show which spell he's using without the menu but, does it mean he's not worthy to be a wielder? What are the implications to this basic design choice, I feel like there might be some interesting and fun lore reason.

Sora's very interesting, I got a work friend who plays smash now so maybe we'll be able to fight each other, who knows!

I had crazy work day. Trained a new guy on probably the most demanding day of the week. Some things went wrong, none of it was my fault or was their fault/in our control so nothing could be done about it. Which means it was technically perfect. I need to start viewing it that way more or I will go insane. I take responsibility for things, even if I can't do anything about it. Because I'm in a rush, I feel that when I take the responsibility it's less for others to worry about which means it goes smoother for everyone else as well as just knowing ways I can fix the problems. All in all less to manage in terms of other people and it turns into just me over-working myself and lightly explaining things to new people. I need to train the new people on a less demanding day but I can't control that either. Work ramble over, I needed to do that for me. There's more layers to this but, I am not going to write about that here.

Isn't lightly explaining things to new people easily and getting more and more details the ideal way for something fast paced? Just the information they need and slowly building to more complex things as they pick it up? This isn't a question, more so I want you to think about how you might approach it.

The Castlevania Anniversary is coming up so they released The Advanced Collection, it offers all the gameboy advanced games, Dracula X and I think the PSP games (I haven't actually looked at it yet :P) I am hyped at the idea of having the games but I might try to find the gameboy advanced games first, we'll see what I can manage to find B)

The Castlevania series is getting a spin-off featuring Richter. I don't know if I said this but one variation of his design, one I previously called the pirate jacket actually resembles a French Officer Jacket from the French Revelution, to which the show is taking place. I'd love to see him as an ex-military vampire hunter. Trevor had like little tactics but nothing insane and Richter Belmont is supposedly supposed to be the most overpowered Belmont. I'd love to see him as a man with a plan. It feels befitting of my understanding of the character. You'd need an enemy with the threat level of Shaft and Dracula to really be a problem for him. Maria is also supposed to be in The Show. It will probably be my favorite Castlevania game because of it's anime influence, as an anime. I'm excited to see what they do at all, especially if it isn't exactly what I want to see. I forget if I already posted something like that about the series...

We are already in October; Nothing cool to say about that. Unsure if I want to do anything cool for it or just hangout, I definitely could get away with that. However, I know my Aunt will want us over for sure; she's been trying to get a tradition going for most holidays. I assume that'll be the case.

I've once again decided that this has got to be my favorite layout I've done for the site. I might change how the Song of the Day works, just the embed; You know, make it not spotify anymore so I can have more music options. I usually have a song of the day all the time but it's not always there. By no means does it mean I'd change it daily but it'd be more.

Doctor is in.


Russell T Davies is returning to write episodes of Doctor Who; If you remember my article I breifly mentioned my favorite episodes of the show were from a particular period. That being while he WAS writing it. I'm curious to see how this plays out and I long to see how the series will feel when I eventually check it out. I don't care who the Doctor is, just let the show work for me again.

I watched some of Starwars Visions, just the ones I thought looked cool. It was nice to see how an officially backed thing would be handled. When the episodes are so self contained that you can jump in anywhere, I just watch the ones I want to watch.

I did the same with Marvel's What If.

It does a few things I want to see but, so many fan creations have already acomplished this I'm in no hurry for more Official works like this unless they do something new that looks cool or hasn't been done yet...

I'll most likely end up watching every episode of Visions eventually... If it was just the story and style of the first episode, "The Duel" as a whole series. I would probably binge it immediately. Unique lightsaber type, I just accept any new lightsaber type since the Lightsaber whip used to be canon as well as a Lightsaber suit. I follow a rule of cool.

Samurai versions of Starwars stuff, it's existed for a long time, yet it's what I was most hyped to watch. It's usually just artwork, how you get me is show me something that moves! I wanna see what it's like. Fan creation or otherwise if you offer detailed writing, animations or like a physical version of it. Oh man. I'm all over that stuff.

Anyways, other starwars stuff. I've been modding the hell out of Jedi Academy (As you do) playing movie duels and stuff. Darth Vader does not seem like he would fit the fast-paced, jumping meta combat. Playing him at walking speed works just fine if you want to be accurate to him, just have to swing ahead of time with his longer lightsaber and bait them into doing dumb things, as Vader should (I like to do that sort of thing).

I've been waiting for responses, to do anything important or cool... Can't do anything about that. Otherwise, been pretty fine. I got a few deals so I'm starting to upgrade things slowly. Another work friend of mine got a switch, asked me about games and things. I of course told them animal crossing. They seemed to have everything else I would recommend already, unless they were asking for a certain type of game. I am really bad at explaining games but, I get hyped about things I like.

That's all I can share, not much else. I actually looked into a few Dungeons and Dragons classes, I still gravitate to the Rogue, Probably Swashbuckler or Inquisitive. Straight up Thief is always good. Not too sure on the background or archtype I prefer.

I dread naught.


Taking it week by week, not really sure why :/

Don't want to talk about any serious things, or going-ons. Sometimes that is just dreadful... I'm going to talk about games!

Then I've been bored recently I've been thinking about Dungeons and Dragons classes to play and things to try, I never got fully into it but I'd like to when I get caught up with all of my stuff. My brother has invited me on occasion.

I'm always drawn to try a rogue or something like that, they are one of my favorite base classes.
The way I like to approach combat in anything is stealth first, assessing situations and acting based on what I will need to do to get combat over with or avoiding it all together; Saving effort and items for later encounters. I also, if a system allows it to just negotiate my way around "bullshit". I feel like such a sneaky bastard when I can pull it off. Especially if I got through it without using anything.

That's one of the Reasons I return to Metal Gear so often. Resident Evil occasionally but Metal Gear like eight days a week 25/8 :P.

Minecraft for that resource management and time management. Animal Crossing for collecting, I've always heard Pokemon but like Animal Crossing, you don't need to DO anything. You win based on arbitrary means that you decided because you were bored. I vibe with that so much. Animal Crossing is like being a kid and saying I wonder what we'll do today!

Random systems reward you for being around, your house gets judged if you choose to care. Villagers know you and somewhat seem to care that you exist. It really helps when you feel like garbage. Also when you want to be a collector goblin of random objects of a type/theme or something like that. You choose what to care about really describes it best but I can't help it.

I didn't change the song of the day like I said I would, I really just didn't feel like changing Egyptian Pools. I once listened to that song on like a ten hour loop, I need to change it. It's like a band-aid sometimes. There's a pun there but like, it'd be a RIP OFF to do a joke like that...




With that out of the way, I'm here again. Feeling pretty bad today, for no particular reason. I had an awesome week and now that it's my day off I feel out of it. Nothing went wrong, nothing new happened. That might be a piece but the "atmosphere" of my house just feels so much more like it's weighing down on me and there was nowhere to go/I was too tired again for most of the day.

Regardless I have been longing to post and talk about some more personal things. The journal bit so I can write about personal things, vaguely enough that I am comfortable putting it somewhere public.

I was offered a really cool chance to work on something. A work friend of mine was adamant that it was something I was qualified for. Which "thank-you" to whoever talked me up to this dude that he considered me for this task. Upon hearing what he wants, I know for a fact this is not something I will want to be doing. I now have to find a way to explain a missunderstanding of what I can do.

The only part that makes this a big deal to me is; He never fully explained what he wanted until recently. This meaning I need to (after around a few months of slow details) explain that I can't. Another layer to this, I see him randomly and only communicate in person.

I know for a fact I will see him this Monday but, he said he'd try to come sooner to talk about this. Making it more of an issue to me that I need to say "No" after he'll be going out of his way to talk about this.

I expect no matter the outcome, for this to have an interesting ending :/

While technically a fault that is on their part for only telling me the basics with a yes or no. That's only my inital perspective. I am responsible too, I should have asked more questions so a situation like this never happened to begin with.

Assumptions from both of us lead me here.

My mood has made me think too much. I was thinking about a friend I'd seen months ago, they are different in so many ways now. Still my friend but, I miss how things had been before. How you can miss someone who's right there, still here. I usually let my mood pick the song of the day, so I was thinking maybe "Pictures of You" by The Cure or like "Shimmer" by Fuel.

I know he doesn't read my blog, I don't share it with those I know directly besides close-close people. We used to be really close and we are so different now. I think that's all that makes me sad about it. He would have known, I basically lived with him a few years ago.

Enough of that.

I tried crochet this morning, closest I've came to doing the craft but I messed it up. Still closer than ever.

I desperately want to make things with this. I'm not giving up, sometimes I feel like when I talk about things going wrong it can be taken that way. I believe our best most personal things come from the layers of mistakes they are built off of. Screwing something up is a learning experience and I am a trial and error kind of guy. Also improving off of a mistake or making something good enough, better allows for ideas you would never think of if everything went perfect.

I think that's all I'm gonna post, I'm positive I already shared some of what I mentioned before but eh.

I fell asleep before I made it into bed last night, I have one of those bunks. I got a TV under it; Game systems hooked up to it. Shelves, pillow-things to sit on. Occasionally I fall asleep there. Extremely tired me just doesn't want to literally climb into bed, ground sounds quicker, less moving, (less comfortable) :/

When I set out to beat all of the MGS games continuously, I made it the comfiest spot. Blankets, Comforters, Pillows. Right now it's merely pillows to sit on...

I can't decide on a song, you might get one at like 2:00AM or not at all. Maybe tomorrow?



Site redesign, I have a homepage now and I think it looks dope. Added some features I've been trying to introduce to the site since January, I feel acomplished. I have no time, the site pages will be updated accordingly later on tonight as I have a family outing. Expect a more in depth overview of what's to come AFTER I get back :/

This design is for the first official anniversary, I'd like to have it up now however.

I'm the type of person that if I have infinite time I will work until I don't have time, anyways this means if I don't throw something up when I'm working on it with no timeline it'll never get finished. This is thrown on here a month early so I don't ruin it within that timeframe :P


As you can tell the current redesign is a heavily stylized sidebar layout. I was inspired by a handful of old websites I found on the wayback machine. Combining my favorite aspects to make my own unique thing.

I consider this the optimized version of the gridlock layout. I choose the word because it sounded neat in the moment but it implies no progress can be made. I felt like adding too many shrines or things would make it feel crowded.

The Side Bar is entirely for the "of the Day" stuff. Currently it houses my stormtrooper in a star destroyer hallway. Standing guard. I like him there, I might give him some unit colors and promote him. TK-563 will be his id cause I feel the need to do that. Keeping my personal sector safe :P

The aspects of the reworked articles or homepage portion. The original versions of the "landing page" were redundant and unnecessary. I took the largest form of old web inspiration in the new versions creation. The difference, I tended to make the landing page a "super-page" that told you information that existed on other pages making everything into a sort of "read more" instead of a directory to more. A really good landing page is just everything you need. They serve a function by definiton that I was forgetting.

The shrines were growing constantly and I constantly was destroying the consistency of the layout, creating the need for a new layout that looked perfect with the amount listed. The main reason I was constantly making designs was something along those lines. It no longer resembled the perfect version I'd envisioned so I retooled in an attempt to make it work instead of having something that worked.

Introducing the simple drop-down solution, In the top right I have the lightly coded layout consistency saver. I feel this is the perfect version of the site for the foreseeable future because of that alone. The header is the most interesting shape out of the kinds I've made to this point as well (to me :P), in the bottom left is the 88x31 button links and imood; That is my favorite spot for them to be and everything fits on the smallest screen I have access to; All links are accessible without scrolling on it's screen.

The frame retains it's normal size, originally it was going to be made smaller; 470px to be exact. I just made the sidebar the perfect size for the content it holds. The way I designed this one took the most pre-planning before coding and has some inspirations from my favorite websites from the 00's. I feel so happy with it.

Alright, that's literally all I'm going to share about it :P

Besides that I used to make the design by hand and then coded an almost pure html version of it. I feel a ton of old websites did this. Course many of my favorites used flash instead but that's not the point...

You may have noticed that a few planned pages aren't included, they are now a secondary priority until the completetion of a few goals of mine. Expect them to be added to the new homepage when I start talking about them months later.

strangely proud.


I've had an anxiety attack today. Instead of doing anything that would resolve it negatively, I have once again took a step back and while it was still happening explained that I was feeling overwhelmed and such and powered through.

While I don't like that I had another anxiety attack, I do like the way that I handled it; I was in more control of my emotions than last time. I took time to reflect on the situation as well and that also makes me feel way better. I don't like making the same mistakes so this is a step in the right direction to hopefully allow myself to confront the situations before it gets to be an anxiety inducing event.

I have also a free morning tomorrow after so long. I reworked my costume concept as I forgot it will still be hot; I do not mind the rework, I'd rather it be wearable first :P A little generic but I'm adding my own aspects I want to it so I won't look similar to anyone else. It'd be so dope to see others do the same thing for a similar reason. "Oh what was your costume?"

I'm also keep reworking my proposed starwars page. I know what I want just not how to lay it out. I only start after I get the content and lay it out based on what I have. The articles section is something that allows me to post things I can't think of laying out in an interesting way while keeping design aesthetics of the website in consideration. However, I know I need this starwars page to have a layout as I have deemed it important.

I also don't have to get ready as soon as I wake up tomorrow either!!! :P:P:P

New canon doesn't allow for Jedi or Sith inbetween in terms of force alignment. Fans created the Term Grey Jedi for EU and Dark Jedi existed for non-Sith darksiders as the entire scope of starwars is through the lens of the Jedi. Makes it quick to understand what things are.

Regardless, the test I took was lame. It said a Dark Jedi was a Jedi that just didn't follow the code to a tee but still worked within it. A Jedi with some darkside traits. I knew this was wrong. I changed it to fit new canon and retook a different test.

I was going to post my favorite music from starwars in a super playlist and talk about them. However my favorite song from Empire is not on spotify (My main music listener). Only one of my favorites that was missing (that I acknowledge); So, here you go.

It's from empire strikes back, the rest was still there so I may still do it in the future however I have a few things that need done before I even consider doing that ;)

However just to point out, there's songs that use the same I guess "song structure" at different "tones". Never read anything about music in depth and I may be using these terms incorrectly but if you listen to Yoda's Theme from the same soundtrack and this one, some parts sound similar but this version feels more frenzied (Darth Vader's Trap). I think those songs really capture this movie the best on two opposite sides.



Starwars best boy is in new canon through a card game. Bossk is still my favorite bounty hunter but the mans is back. To some bastardized extent. Thanks FFG, you the best.

I was prepping to write some starwars stuff for here and stumbled into it. Happened in 2016 and no one told me :P

Stop being cowards and bring him back. Not just things he did. Come on Disney. I don't just want dark troopers, imperial heists or fuckin Reborn and shit I want the guy who kills the stuffff.

Anyways, All his gear and his new face is enough for me. It'd just be so dope for a new show to bump into him. He doesn't have to do anything, I'd be so pleased. Jan can stay, she just dies anyways, right? Maybe as part of a Jedi focused show. I know he's gonna be a Jedi again. Maybe as a nice alternative flavor to basic jedi powers? Nice applications that are different and fun to witness. Hear me out, Jedi Battle Master TM. Love to see it!

It was released in the second quarter of 2016 and contains both Legends and Canon elements.

lmao nvm. Went off for no reason, seen he had a canon page and got to hyped before I actually read anything else...

Why give him new canon artwork if he isn't canon Disney? Was that for me? IT worked.

Also, who made him a canon page if he has yet to appear in any actual material? I understand having the card on there but should the article have been created for such a thing? Just to house the image and cite legends materials. I feel lied to, still happy none the less but lied to.

They brought back the Han Solo stand in Dash Rendar, for a one off line. I don't care for him. Just mention he's in the new order and it'll be fine. Maybe a background Jedi on the new order like what they did for like I dunno, Adi Gallia in the prequels. Someone will do something with it then. They made her a playable character in a game if I remember correctly.

Jedi Power Battles and Jedi Starfighter.

I don't know if this qualifies for a post in my mind but, hey lol. MY website, right? Regardless, it's here and not rambles. I mention how it made me feel. It's inbetween some qualifiers for two maybe three sections. Four sections if I cite and keep writing. Now it contains thoughts too, I made it count for here by talking about this/ Can you tell I'm having fun?



Today went better than anticipated. I am ecstatic. I'm back to normal for a little bit and halfway finished with the first phase of my life goals. This was step two of four. No more details on that as it still is scary but defenitly less stressful.

Anyways, I might write some stuff but I feel I deserve a nap/sleep. No promises :P



The day is almost here.

Also, I've retaken the alignment test today and finally got something different. "Chaotic Neutral". I took the more detailed version that tells you class and stats for what you answered, like it's ultima or something.

The full things I got was a "Chaotic Neutral Human Cleric". I like this one quite a bit. I'll update the spots in the morning. Here's the link if you so please;

I usually get true neutral but tonight I got this by one point,

...True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18)
Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19)...

Good ---- XXXXX (5)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9)
Evil ---- XXXXXXX (7)

Everything else numbers-wise was a landslide.

I watched all of the Bad Batch, it seems to focus on the transitional period you just love to see to say the least. Don't really have much really going on that I wanna share besides that...



One of the websites I'm trying to use to study has the most unclear web design on the planet to where I will just try not to use it because it frustrates me; Then I almost get nothing done. I don't want to share more, however I will say the links are; everywhere, the same color as the text and of course who could forget vague about what they do.

Why is it so hard to make things like that clear? Obvious links and sections are important and it should be obvious, right? That's all I feel like sharing, it literally ruins my whole mood sometimes. (When it's something I need to do...)

boop. (Final Friday)


The last remnants of the Kirby Theme Era have been removed. Going for a more individual thing. If you share my link it is no longer a drawing Kirby but a digital doodle I did (in places that use og:images).

It's Friday the 13th! spooky. I wonder if I'll be in full swing again around Halloween. I might have a ton of cool seasonal content :::PPPP

I definitely intend to try!!

The articles section is back and I threw that one I was talking about up here. I think the title allows more structured things and hope to share more with a similar look about things I didn't have a place for previously on here.

I changed the scrollbar. I wanted a halloween vibe before halloween but it looked so clean for the article and general themeing.

My RenFest costume; I never shared what it was! I'm doing a plague doctor outfit. I want a sort of "fun" look to it so I'm adding a couple things to it that you'll just have to wait and see.

I also created a few things for my right side-bar; They aren't quite finished yet but they are for the activities page because of the free-time I have right now isn't a ton.

I added my PSN name so you can add me. If you want to play Battlefront II ;)))))

That's really the only multiplayer game I still play anymore on that...

I found new funky music; It's the song of the day. Kimbra is still active? Isn't that something for you to learn! Cory Wong is the instrument man. I found a few more bands like this I might update the music page too O_O

It is not by my hand, that I...


am once again given internet.

My internet is going out every other day of the week for large periods of time... One more week so much to do.

I started a few articles while my internet was out, I might add them anytime this week. Let it be known I'm reviving that project because it allows me to do things I want :P

I need a different name for it; I'm thinking Tangents or adding a more structured chaos page(s). That way I can create things and feel like there's somewhere they belong if they aren't called shrines. Just a loop hole in my thought process :)

My first one is about Science Fiction series(es) that I enjoy. In concept it is like a Shrine but not in how I wrote it. I will just want two more series to add to it so it feels complete :D

I have a few that are planned but that one is so far along that I am sharing it beforehand. Maybe TBD for the name; As the subjects and what I write about are structured around a single thing but they're TBD topics?



Treating this like one long arc or something, I'm using my schecule as a basis for adding to the archive instead of the end of the month...

I was looking for boots to go with the costume; I want really tall ones! Kinda like adventurer's boots but more flat. Tall yet smooth the whole way down. I keep trying to find really good pants for it (even though I can only wear one pair of pants :P). Looking to find communities that play Jedi Academy or Battlefront.

I also started using pinterest again for a project and I feel like it is the least social of the medias if you know what I mean. It's my favorite because it lacks so much I hate from the other socials.

I keep trying to make a standard for what I'm allowed to post on here. So then I eventually don't have things I want to post. Which undermines the whole purpose of this project. I make a self imposed expectation for what's allowed to exist on here; Trapping myself and I do it all the time. Do not limit your self expression. So many "cancelled shrines" I can't even...

I want to make a more detailed "why I do this thing" for my own reference when I'm down.



Still really busy; Had multiple days written out a few times but never had time to post it. Few reworks to existing shrines as well as expansions to them yet many are just too time consuming for me to fully rework just yet so nothing has been posted yet :P. As previously mentioned I have a multiple phase plan for my life goals and I'm working on that; It's where most of my focus is right now...

Every month has looked a little scarier but these are problems I would inevitably need to face and I cannot bear to deal with it another year so I need to get these things done.

A few people also are leaving my job. So I've been trying to get the newer people trained so it won't be an entire ordeal to adjust for everyone involved. That's been okay! That is going better than expected. I have trouble training people and keeping track of my own work so it tends to get confusing for multiple reasons but I'm doing it and no one else is so, better than it was!!!

I have so many things scheduled but it will finally pay off and I can sleep and feel a little bit better!

I've got one of the most important pieces of the costume but nothing else. I got some sick pants for it! The rest is super dependant on the type of jacket or shirt I can find. I need me an "asymetrical button-up"; Love seeing those

I also went to a swap meet yesterday before work trying to find more costume bits but found a few games for really cheap! I only grabbed Crazy Taxi cause the rest weren't worth the price or it was something I wasn't going to collect and I have been looking for this one for so long! On the fourth, I forgot if I mentioned but I found an Artbook for vehicles from The Phantom Meanace; They are my favorite in the franchise and that made me happy to find. As much as I try to get things at good prices, that one was too high but I hadn't seen it anywhere else except online where it was priced lower...

My switch has got joycon drift like crazy for months now, I wanna get some third party controller or something cause I will not be paying if there is even a chance it could happen again. I seen one that's symetrical twin-sticks which is just "yes of course!"



The bastard returns! How's everyone been...

I've begun working on costumes again, hoping that eventually I'll have something interesting if I start now. Mostly doing concept art to get an idea for what feeling I want it to have. I will be posting those to Art once I get a solid footing and make up my mind with it. I'm making one for a renaissance festival.

When I'd originally started that was going to be one of the things I would focus on but nothing was open. My costume hunting is mostly repurposing and improvising things I find from thrift stores or second-hand with a loose concept sheet that allows for multiple finished versions of a single outift based on what I can find and what I want to find. Reworking things that do exist into something else adds just the right ammount of personality to the outifts.

The "this could work" mind-set keeps you open to strange solutions you would never have reached if you just outright bought the original pieces you had in mind online and sometimes it's cheaper this way not to mention more spontaneous and dynamic :P

Spontaneous, dynamic; Improvisation and repurposing. I love doing things like that when I have a goal.



Is there like an escape room where the whole point is to trash the room? I feel like that would be something.

UPDATE: I've been notified of a place that does it by my state neighbor. I forget what it was called but I've been sent the information. (somewhere I can go and trash a room :P) I checked it out they also had an arcade nearby which had a recent DDR machine and I did okay and played it with my brother. :P!!P!P!P.

I don't wish to discuss what I'll be doing later today, whether I succeed or not because that would mean to me anyway, needing to explain the situation or I won't be content with talking about it. Remember to only post what you're comfortable with!

I'm not dead I'm just sleeping, a lot of sleeping.


I have some planned pages but they are for some larger projects and I haven't been up enough to talk to anyone yet or just plan as much as I usually do for here. I haven't felt like this in awhile, I don't miss this.

I have some art I've been working on, I may finally add to that section again. I also wrote about art things, maybe I'll add articles somewhere as it's too formated for ramblings; My low-effort pure talk section. If my site was on the radio, it'd be AM for the rambling section.

A suprise to be sure.


Well, I had the wrong Thursday :/

Didn't account for that but gave me extra prep time. I thought I was ready this morning and it was next week...

On the bright side, I'll be ready :P

Anyways, I redid some pages. Reluctant to throw them up for whatever reason. Expect them late tonight?

Old about page exists. Legacy thing. Maybe I'll hide it somewhere like an easter egg. Anyways, new one is titled profile but it's very much just my normal about stuff displayed in the current theme.



Not keeping the theme. Too much, if you didn't see it. I added a grid to the blog layout. Too much.

I've been worried about this Thursday. My goalsTM are really dependant on how that goes.