They've made countless games I love to play in the past. With games of all kinds, I will be talking about my favorite details here and their source material lightly when applicable.


Marvel Comics

You know them, the company that makes super hero movies a lot. They have so much content spanning years it's "uncanny" or even "spectacular".

Here's to some of my favorite Marvel Things and maybe some of yours too. GIFs are from gifcities. BGs are from arcade quarter master.


These guys, they felt like they were everywhere. If you know about Marvel you probably know about atleast one of the X-Men. These are my top three and other favorites.


One of the X-Mens' leaders. Shoots lasers from another dimension out of his eyes and into yours. Scott is pretty cool.

With his first design they really did him dirty.


One of the most popular Marvel Characters that isn't Spider-Man.

They gave this guy his own movie.

::Important Features::


Funnily enough I couldn't find any iceman graphics that looked cool enough B)

Anyways this mans cool, I like the ice pathway thing he does sometimes. Imagine a man made of ice shooting ice at you.

Honorable Cool X-Men Characters

Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Psylocke, Magneto, Storm, Toad, Cable and Gambit;

Marvel Superheroes

This was my first Capcom arcade game, they had it at Italian resturant around me. The music is nice and some of my favorite characters are in this one.

Doctor Doom is sadly only a boss in the arcade version, he's one of my absolute favorites.

"Prepare to face doom."

Best Time:0'26"32
High Score:1,954,206

Spider-Man's cool, he has a ton of options with his moves! Easy to be tactical with Spider-Man. But not as many options as Psylocke..

Beyond Arcades


"Don't forget the hyphen!"

Spider-Man is the one I've had the most exposure to; Not to mention one of the most recognizable heroes from Marvel.

He is iconic. My first Spider-Man comic was Ultimate Spider-Man. The first version to dabble in Web-Design; A wonderfuly bad play on words.

Not to be confused with the 2012 Ultimate Spider-Man; I'm refering to the one from the early 2000's. As part of a run that sought out to modernize a grand list of heroes. In other words, a reboot.

Spider-Man was back to the basics and in high school once again.

Noir Spider-Man was one that I found during my steampunk phase, I found it around 2014; I believe it's from 2009.

I only read the first limited run; But they have since done more with the character. I like the setting a ton. The focus on tones and contrast was really interesting to my eyes.

Spider-Man at his best is relateable, and has human problems that he has to face on top of fighting off those with bad intentions.

Around the time Spider-Man was created, Marvel was leaning into creating characters with human depth. The Fantastic Four, they were a family, super-smarts, supported by everyone and technology but a family.

Spider-Man wasn't given a grandiose background, he was designed around being an average guy and they gave him powers to put it plainly.

A real "You could be Spider-Man" kind of thing.

Ghost Rider.

Johnny Blaze is a chaotic force. He's one of my Dad's favorites; I think he's pretty cool myself. My favorite design is the one from the 70's. I really love that kind of jacket! So many of my favorite characters outside of Marvel have a similar looking coat and traits.

I've only got one of his comics. I know my Dad actually has a handful of them too. One of the main things about the charater is he only protects the innocent and he can cast those who aren't to Hell.

He seeks vengence because he was wronged by the Devil; For which he brought on himself as he expected it to be a fair deal. Through it all he never loses hope.

There were movies with Nicolas Cage, I like most of his movies but those aren't my focus :P

Ghost Rider is a simply cool character that gets into complex situations; I wanna see how he get's out of those situations.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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Yet another Capcom Fighter that just goes off in the best way. The characters feel great, the stand system is amazing, each character has their own variation on the storyline.

I could talk about any character but, I choose Polnareff :D. He's so cool and his motivation is interesting and of course he's my favorite!

I heard of this game before I knew what the series even was. Through Petshop, Roadroller and of course the time stop. There are also a few communities that play this game online even today to my knowledge; This of course being through emulation. JoJo fights are always pretty hype and this game captures it pretty well while allowing you to do most of the cool things from the series or just watch it.

Jean Pierre


--Silver Chariot--

[Rushdown] [Charge]

I learned how to play rushdown just to play Polnareff correctly. He's lots of fun to play and pull off some cool looking moves. Hands down one of my favorite Jojo characters.

His stand Silver Chariot, a sword wielding stand that wears armor. Has easy to learn combos that segway from his moves in a very clean way. At best Polnareff can be percise, aggressive, and unpredictable. It is based on the Tarot card The Chariot.

Polnareff is stubborn and persistent. Always looking for openings and he knows his capabilities, a fight with Polnareff is zoning him and reacting to shooting star; A charge move that hits from the corner opposite him when activated.

I found his character arc super satisfying. I won't diservice you with spoilers however it was still satisfying to me to see how it progresses; Having it been spoiled myself.

His basic super allows you to remove Chariot's armor and attack with a barrage that removes 15% of the opponets health, moving around the center of the screen. Most of my favorite Capcom super moves do this. It's flashy, fast and cool with high potential.

He's my favorite,

He's pretty cool.

-CorBin :)