The best of the NES. Dracula's Curse offers the most replayability for it's time. With branching pathways and different partners and bosses along the way. You can play up to four times and see different parts of Wallachia each time.

This is easily accessible, on most if not all 8th generation platforms due to the Anniversary Collection or even early as 2002 with the Castlevania & Contra Collectors CD, which has been made avalible digitally in 2020. There's others but I could go on for way too long.

Abridged Plot

Dracula has decided to become a Vampire and is being really mean.

The church only knows one family with cool weapons but, they outcasted the guy with the whip, Simon Belmont Trevor Belmont. Someone found Trevor and reported Dracula for being "Rude or Mean" so now he has to kick his ass. The netflix show is loosely based on this game.

Does anyone play the older castlevanias for the plot? It's gameplay and design first for me.

Alucard is just a playable Dracula. Trevor and Simon are almost the same character except Trevor knows how to ask for help. Sypha is a guy or a girl depending on the dialog box.

Grant is tossed aside for the other two Alucard. His path is more fun and faster and he's a Vampire. Need I say more?