Art of the Kirby Series

~A Love letter By CorBin

The Kirby series is one I hold near and dear, it's always so easy to go back to because of the simplicity of it. You could stop playing for years and still be just as good at the game as when you put it down.

The simple and charming gameplay is complimented perfectly by the games art style. One I would grow more and more nostalgic for.

Everytime I play certain abilities and stages remind me of the first playthrough with my brother. We played almost every single one of them together.

Something I never thought I would miss at the time.

The art style is the most important peice of this puzzle; Not the plot that tends to only grow deeper or the gameplay itself. The art will always be there and can be anywhere. Almost unaffected.

The part that gives this feeling is visual. The "kid drawing" look it can give off at times almost forces you to think back. As a kid this inspired me to try and redraw some of the characters and things from the series.

A heavy inspiration to my own drawing style this series left an impact on me that still affects me.

Writing this out fills me with a feeling of overwhelming sadness, as if the state I was in the first time can never be again.

Everything about it still feels as it did but myself and those I interact with have changed. The way I think has changed. But this isn't a bad thing.

These memories of mine still persist, the things this inspired me to do are still here. The new way of thought allows for more unique ideas and the past offers hindsight to which I can create new better ideas of my own.

To say this was the sole basis on my way of going about would be wrong. It's merely a piece that inspired me a ton.

I want to share my feelings, the inspiration and memories that a piece of media can bring to someone and transport them to another time.

What is your Kirby?