Galactic Empire

A Starwars trading game.

Welcome to the Empire!

You can customize your helmet as you wish, you may even change the entire look of your helmet. As simple as a recolor or add on to it; I mean to say, you can completely do whatever you want as long as in the end it's a helmet and it is the correct size.

"We would be honored if you would join us."


The helmet must remain the same image dimensions;


For a sand trooper or special forces variant use these dimensions;


That's All, go off!

Feel free to join the squadrons, battalions and units of others. Just ask them first!!

Please display your troops! They cannot defend a command post if they aren't there! If you create a sqaud, let me know and I'll add it to the list! Also! don't forget to link back to those in your garrison.

::User Created Helmets::
"The Stormtrooper Corps"
Create a squad? Contact me! CorB#4472