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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Article: The Art of Kirby

The Kirby Shrine

The reworked Kirby Shrine. The directory style layout was designed around utilizing different autoplay music. The music required quite a lot of upkeep, instead of constantly upkeeping them every few months I've removed the music and have combined and reworked them into a super-shrine.

Kirby's Adventure

The complete package, the first game with copy abilities. I revisit this one the most. The final boss is my favorite in the series. Due to it's time limit it can be a "Nightmare".

This game establishes The Kirby Formula

Favorite Things

I have three favorite abilities in this game, those being Hi-Jump and Star-rod for the bossfights and Laser due to it's ricochet feature. They offer cool movement and laser is situationally cool.

My most replayed aspects of this game are the boss rush and quick-draw, due to how pick-up and play they are.

Egg Catcher is third. I'm bad at crane and you have to abuse saves to do Arena more than once.

Kirby Superstar / Kirby Superstar Ultra / Kirby's Fun Pack

The one with really fun co-op. Features seven different stories to play through. This game introduced me to the series due to co-op play with my brother.

The Main Games

Spring Breeze - A graphical overhaul of Kirby's Dreamland. Very simple, takes around five minutes. A good introduction.

Dyna Blade - You're stopping this giant bird from destroying crops. Cool overworld map.

Gourment Race - Kirby and Dedede are racing to see who can eat the most food.

Great Cave Offensive - Kirby falls into an ancient cave, collect all the treasure on your way out.

Metaknight's Revenge - Metaknight is taking over Dreamland for being too lazy. You need to stop the Halberd before time runs out! I love this one.

Milkyway Wishes - Kirby is stopping the Sun and Moon from fighting by summoning a mechanical wish-granting comet called Nova.

My favorite copy abilities are G.I.M. / YO-YO and Waddle Doo / BEAM they got the flashiest moves that make them so cool to me! Every ability has over-the-top animations in this one.

The subgames are neat, Samurai Kirby and Megaton Punch are great, the Arena is improved and is a boss-rush!

The Super Nintendo made some really neat looking effects. This one is amazing from an aesthetic standpoint but could not compete with Superstar in popularity.

This is the last game to feature the original dark matter, the last in the classic Dreamland Trilogy. It also introduces Gooey, I think he's really cool. He's a corrupted dark matter, which means he's friendly.

The graphics are something to admire, the only other game that could come close to this on the Super Nintendo is Yoshi's Island. I love both their soundtracks too!

The animal companions are really neat and change up how you're abilities function and offer more unique sprites for your combos.

There's no sub-games but end of level requirements. This one is incredibly difficult without a guide. It also features three endings.

The bad ending is ominous. The implications are unclear and leave room for the player to think about it. I love a creepy ambiguous ending!

This one is probably the earliest showing of the scary things that just exist in the Kirby universe. Cosmic Horror undercover! Cosmic beings we cannot understand.

The rest is on the way! Goodnight!