Hey Manifesto? Yeah, I like Streetlight Manifesto...

Now a site manifesto? That goes against my personal code(tm). You get what's on the box. My personal web portal, my rambling.

By definition a web portal is a site that offers information from various sources and easy navigation to them. Directories dedicated to important information. I decided this a long time before my return to Neocities that I would do this personal project but now that it's here I can use it from any device.

With this being a personal portal, the contents are here based on importance to myself. Things I use and information that I check. As opposed to a normal portal some things are hidden in places as opposed to requiring a sign in to add an incentive to check out little details.

I update whenever and wherever about whatever. I have a song of the day that features whatever song I'd been singing or just ones that stuck with me (sometimes it turns into song of the days).

What do you mean this is a site manifesto?

On to the Directories I have,

The shrine portals are all about what I'm interested in and would like to share. StarWars is an important escape for me from major issues and has helped me cope with events I find devastating. Although I haven't interacted with the community as much as I used to luckily it's all still there whether I am or not.

Hyper-fixation for me is kind of like the ability to zone out of everything and put all of my attention directed towards said interesting thing. Sometimes I wouldn't eat or sleep until something pulled me away for long enough. While I still have things I am really interested in, it's not to this level anymore; Mostly because I have more expected of me.

StarWars is something I've done that with. Most of being a teenager was me heavily involved with the community and playing whatever StarWars games I could get my hands on. That was from 2013 to 2017.

Around 2012 I started collecting for the Playstation 2; The idea with my collection was to seek out the games I wanted to try to slowly accumulate them over time. That's been mostly finished but I still find the odd game I forgot about at second-hand stores to this day.

Around 2010 I thought blogs were cool. Wanted to do one of them; Blogger was the big cheese in the community I was in and every person you knew about that was somewhat recognized had one. That was probably the only reason I wanted one. I created one at the time, it didn't take off and I quickly forgot about it. That isn't the reason I do this now, incase you need me to tell you the priorities of a ten-year-old are dumb.

Which begs the question, why now?

Well let me tell you why!

Social Media is something that doesn't mix with me. The uniform nature of it bores me still. Not even when I was a kid did I want one, the part that was missing was the creativity I seen in some of those blog layouts years ago. I seen what else could be possible and of course I wanted that. Minimalistic layouts yes they look okay but there's so much more that could be there! There are some other things that I don't like besides that.

While personalization is a major contender for me and that this shows into the people creating their sites. The very way the content is given to the readers is so dynamic or up in the air with how they and I will present it to you. It creates a want to see what others will do not in just what they chose to write about but what they'll pick to convey the information.

Another thing is the level of involvement with the community is as much as you are willing to give at that moment and that if you'd like it isn't even needed as a focus at all. But is always there. Some sites and things completely outside of the realms of your own doing their own thing for you to stumble into is sometimes weirdly rewarding.

The underground nature and the number of cliques that merge and blend together. It fascinates me.

Social Media also has this feeling of "all things about you are here or you aren't" to me. If you read up about socials there's countless other reasons to get into depending on which you pick but I am not going to break that down here. Let me tell you, at the end of the day the choice is mine anyways.

Where do we go from here?

Good question CorBin, from here you can continue to read my ramblings or walk away. That choice is yours.

Thank-you if you've read all this way, please let me know what you think I'd love feedback and mind the step out of the portal it is STEEP.

~So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!