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Favorite Jedi Hands down. Love most of his outfits, I don't have a favorite look for him. They're all good.

He's in some of my favorite starfighter battles, especially the one against Jango Fett. He isn't the chosen one but could challenge him. Love his dialog, he's the best of the Jedi Order.

"Don't try it!"


Overall: Cool

Who doesn't like a mentor character? Starting out as a reluctant mentor to one with purpose.

I could say a million things about him. His period of exile. I feel unqualified to get into specifics about him. The one thing I know for sure is he's cool to me.

I also know that he only exists in the Jedi Order and after. We never get to see what an Obi-Wan before the order would look like. His entire life based around the code and what's right.

He was born, found and made a Jedi. He doesn't exist as anything else. To me anything else feels wrong for his character, even though everything goes wrong for him. It's his persistence and focus while this is happening that makes him so enduring.

His first and second lightsaber heavily resembles Qui-Gon's Lightsaber. It's alright, really simple as you can see above.

His third lightsaber would become the template for every other lightsaber after The Fall of the Republic. Luke would find schematics of Kenobi's Saber to construct his own.

Obi-Wan's design is one of my favorite Jedi lightsabers.

Cool lines.

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Obi-Wan just kind of says things in the moment like a cheese machine. Jokingly saying things and occasional sarcastic comments.

His most iconic lines are really simple and easy to remember and they are iconic because of when and how they're said. It's mostly in the delivery of them.

A cool Obi-Wan line means a cool scene is probably happening or just passed.

"Hello there!"

"Another happy landing."

"I don't think so."

"Of course I know him, he's me."

"They went completely the other way!"

"I have the high ground"

Lightsaber Form.

The master of Form III, Soresu. Essentially he has maxed out his defense and waits for you to get tired. He does however attmpt to make openings in the enemies guard.

Most of his battles require speed and precision. You are basically parrying, dodging or deflecting until you have an optimal window of attack. The most defensive form.

Based on reaction time. The form was made to deflect blaster fire.