CorBin's Portal

There are more places for things, I figure I should have the ones I use the most here or the ones that take up headspace.

Text walkthroughs and forums.
Paint.NET Freeware raster editor. (png, jpeg, gif(Although no animation))
Notepad++ Open source text and source code editor.

Coding Assistance
W3 Schools Refreshers on exact tags and things they do. Tutorials for more advanced things. Various coding languages.
Stack Overflow A place for specific coding questions, either already asked or you can ask. Very helpful.
VG-ResourceTons of sprites and files from games.
Arcade QuartermasterShrines on many arcade games.
Wayback Links
Game Winners.com2004
SNES SiteActive
N64 SiteActive
GBC SiteActive
GBA SiteActive
GCN SiteActive
Lovely DesignsActive
Empire RebornActive
Gundam RPG2009

Updated 5/30/2022