CorBin's Portal

The secret Portal Page; Used to store helpful links to things I like acrossed multiple sites. The portal part of the site if you will.

I'm unsure how often this will get updated but this will make it easy to use as a Homepage for myself. Which is what the original local-only version of the site was. Think of it as a more specific favorites list in a table of contents layout.


LinkDescriptionDate Added

General Resorces
Archive.orgAn archive of old media; Books, Sites, Movies, Music, Software and more. Hosts the Wayback Machine. 03/19/21
WikipediaA volunteer ran, online encyclopedia.03/19/21
Project GutenbergThere are tens of thousands of free eBooks on this site; All of which are from the public domain.09/3/21

Site Development

W3 SchoolsOne of the most important pages of my resources. Used as reference for tags and such. Includes Javascript, CSS and HTML. 03/19/21
Stack OverflowA helpful place that seems to have all your html and similar questions answered already.03/19/21
EZgifAn online .GIF maker; Throw in a .GIF to edit or make your own frame-by-frame.03/19/21
Paint.NETA freeware raster graphics editor. Supports plugins, HEX Codes, Layers and Transparancy to name a few things03/19/21
Notepad++A free source code editor. Supports tabs, and keeps your progress if you forget to save. (I.E. turned off the PC, Crashed, etc.)03/19/21
Image Map.NETAn online image map generator that makes it easy to plot coords with your selected image.03/19/21
CSS TricksFeatures tons of articles and guides for CSS help specifically.03/19/21

Video Game Resorces

Super Famicom PageThe original Japanese Super Famicom Page; Includes a wide variety of pages on their releases at the time. 03/19/21
Nintendo 64 PageMuch like the former but, for this console...03/19/21
Gameboy Color
Gamecube Page
Gameboy Advance Page
Arcade QuartermasterCountless pages dedicated to arcade games; How to play them, Character moves, Secrets. An older website, and nice resource.03/19/21
VG ResourceA site featuring spritesheets, models, music and textures from so many sources.03/19/21
VGMusic ArchiveA selection of .MIDI files from countless games; Some created by the archiver for newer games.03/19/21
GameFAQsAn assortment of user written guides on games. Also features a Message Board. The "Stack Overflow" for games.03/19/21


Manga DexAn online manga reader with tons of translations and years worth of content. 03/19/21


WikirbyInformation and details on all things Kirby. Nice to get offical artworks and use as a game guide. 03/20/21