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The yee-haw wild west of my pages. This one is chaoticly thrown together and isn't as structured as my normal pages. They will be thrown about focused ramblings about my favorite things when I lack the energy to make an actual shrine page or want to talk about something specific or ramble about a topic.

Also an important note, the oldest post is on top :P

I badly colored in the Kirby 64 Dedede model. I was going to actually try at first but then it looked so bad I was cracking myself up. So I just kept doing it.

King Dedede is one of my favorite Kirby characters. Look at him! He never was an outright villian, more along the lines of an anti-hero. He's also a penguin as well as one of my favorite colors! He's really fun to draw and to look at. I love penguins they always seemed so cool to me. They might even be one of my top three favorite bird types.

CorBin's Offical Top Three Bird Types of all time!!! (tm)

  1. Crows or Ravens
  2. Penguins
  3. Any Parrot

I always forget which one I think is cooler till I look it up. If it's a crow or raven. They're so similar in look but slight differences are there! Like I know that the raven has a larger beak off hand but none of the other facts about them... I can't connect the dots here.

Penguins always seem cool to me. No reason, maybe their coloring or beacuse of club penguin or something. That deffinetly increased the reason kid corbin thought they were cool but it wasn't the main reason; It illudes me.

Parrots are cool because they can say things. Sometimes I wish they could express thought but that might be a terrifying thing to imagine.

I decided to go completely physical with my anime collection as opposed to streaming because I only seem to rewatch the same like nine shows and it'd save me money. Currently I found Kanon really cheap and it's one of my favorites for some reason.

I think it's the small town location. Tons of movies and shows that do that get me invested so quickly and you get to explore one location through the characters making it feel like an actual place sometimes. World building like that is something that I love and gets me to like whatever it is faster.

Starwars does this quite a lot and there's so much of it in the pockets of the Starwars EU. Super-focusing in on like a couple locations that is.

Tatooine as overused as it is in starwars stuff could've gotten away with no world building, it's a "desert planet". But that's because the way starwars makes planets is as if they are a country or something like that. It's like a land system zoomed out (if that makes sense). All the planets are easy to remember and recognise because the planets themselves tend to be one terrain type or one aesthetic for the whole thing.

Still loving that Dedede recolor of mine. I haven't learned javascript yet but you can bet I'd learn just to be able to view that model somewhere 360. You can't even see what I put on his back; I find it to be one of the best parts and it isn't his logo :P.

That one is so bad it's good to me but I can't seem to get it right with other models because of the eyes, there's no clear spot for them to go so it looks smushed. Kinda like that time in spongebob when they thought they killed squidward or like a bad ceramic thing you'd find cluttering a shelf at a thrift store.

Anyone remember Double Berry Poptarts? Those were kid corbin's favorites. I don't even remember anything 'bout them except their icing thing looking like tooth paste.

I swear that wild berry is just the same flavor but I don't actually know.

I just found a way we can print the Dedede thing (this includes you reader). Of course this means I can badly color it and it will be the dumbest thing I've done as a joke. Make them en mass and release them into the world; The activities page will come back if I find out how to do it. This is gonna start dedede-volving into me making a ton of him. Basically a shrine fit for a king :P. (That's enough)

Character pages or keep it with the chaos? We'll see tomorrow!

I made this castlevania button

I love the series to death, thanks to speedrunners. I'm thinking of making a ton of custom buttons for my navbar if it isn't too annoying or not obvious to a new viewer.

Of course I needed a Kirby one to go with it to show scale. The idea is to make my navbar display two of these badboys per line to keep it small while displaying the same amount of information.

What to talk about...

There's so many bands and music I like but a lot of the time it doesn't go deeper than it sounds good in most cases.

I made a new custom HR thing.

It's been around for a bit but I finally uploaded it.

Man, I love the Snowtrooper design. Of course they are also the only stormtrooper variant to utterly demolish. Have you seen those guys? Absolute units of the Empire.

TIE Pilots do some damage too. But they are on a whole nother level. Space infact; Their in space. Don't Compare them they are equaly the best. That isn't a wrong use of their; They own space.

I made a Senko stamp; As well as two low-effort Kanon ones.

I forget the page number I used to get the senko one...

Both of those shows are on my revisit list. Kanon is a Romance Anime but it's very laid back. After watching so much of the genre it's nice to have one where people just hang-out instead of "the crazy". I have a planned shrine for both of these shows.

I could go on and on about these two shows!

Senko is slice of life. It's got a relaxed/chill feel to it.

I redid the site theme, have a ton of planned projects and things like that. I have a few concepts laid about for the up and coming pages.

I'm also juggling some shrines but today was too busy for me to work on anything cause of work.

I love the change of color scheme and the centering of my layout. My moniter is small and my site is still based around that first but I added the TIE fighters on the edge to fill the void of space :P

I still am looking for that specific thing for my cursor...

Remember when it seemed like every website had wallpapers and icons and things? I feel like it used to be everywhere. I added one; As cool as it is I don't know how heavily cool it is now besides just being interesting to say I have one to myself. I used it to have a consistant background on an old computer of mine. Maybe it's because I don't spend time on forums anymore. The ones I was on had or made back then had been 100x100 avatars; I made that one of my bird for an old project of mine.

I might do a few character pages for castlevania and expand PS2 from the general playstation shrine to it's own shrine portal but it might be weird? Important enough to warrant it's own shrine portal. If that makes since. Like for important games and the console itself.

Just found leafy eevee. He had some fun graphics I want to share.

Just made a simple repeat background for a page of mine, I think I'm going to extend it from it's original purpose and put it here and anywhere that has just a black background. But I'm undecided. I need to incoroporate some more dark blues and things.

I have a page I've been working on that's written in as if you are exploring somewhere. If that doesn't make sense you'll just have to wait and see. As if my site is a physical place, to put it differently. I'm going to save it for then, here's a sneak peek of it instead.

The Bad Batch

If you read my swc page from like over a year ago, I broke down one of my favorite dynamics in a team enviroment and let me just say the new starwars projects are capturing that idea in areas of starwars I want to see.

This show focuses on that wonderful period where people learned how to go and fight the rising empire in their own ways and they do it as a close family kind of team. Specialists in specific aspects of combat that make a really cool synergy and have a really fun chaotic flow to their missions.

I'm probably going to rework this into an article of some sort. I have a lot I want to share that I liked about this series and want to do a comparision of old material and what we're being given now.

Maybe some old EU overviews coming up as well in the next few months... I don't have the events planned but I'd like to do a starwars reading club soon.

CorBin's Favorite Starwars Aliens

Oh boy, where else should this go! I'm putting this here for now until I collect my thoughts and post one with reasons (If I think of enough reasons besides "design good" :P). Un-numbered and in no particular order because it allows for the kind of speed I need to write about these chaotically. When that's completed you know where you can find this...

These are probably one of my favorite aliens (that aren't Trandoshans :P). Greedo sets the example before he gets shot up. They come in four flavors; Red, Yellow, Blue and Blue/Green. When I draw them they are yellow although they are more closely matching to the color of green olives in canon. Guess it's more of a Yellow-tint :P

They have some weird fingers. Huge eyes and fun feature you don't see a whole lot is the "hair". Greedo's thing on his head that looks like a mohawk is actually a mohawk. I've only seen a few canon pieces and fan-art that actually does anything with this information and I love seeing it. On top of most of them being green or blue-green in fanart aswell when there's so many more options.

More of these are coming but I finished this one right now.

Another one because I can't resist sharing about this... Droid Page is planned. It will be seperate. Was originally going to do a Sith page back in May. The concept couldn't get a proper design I liked and I might just do a sectioned force page. Another is a really big starwars project I can't share yet...

Favorite Controllers By Generation

I was gonna do top three controllers but it just turns into controllers CorBin used as a child list. So I'm just going to list by generation my favorites, for ones I've had the pleasure of actually using;

Generation 2

Vectrex, I could have picked the Atari but have you ever seen a Vectrex? This thing used Vector Graphics, included it's own display and controller. The controller in question had four buttons and a stick.

Generation 3

NES. I don't believe I need to explain the importance of the D-Pad. Simple controller design, easily picked up by anyone.

Generation 4

The Super Nintendo. Other consoles were restricted from using the D-Pad design because Nintendo patented it's + design. The other controllers would still do something similar this generation but another company had the rights to seperate buttons for the Directional Pad. Limiting all others to a circle with a cross inside of it. Sega's had a better feel, much like a Boomberang but the Super Nintendo has the best layout to me.

Generation 5

The Playstation wins for me here, it had the best D-Pad, feel, and offered twin-sticks. Not that twin-sticks would be used effectively yet but it sets the stage for the next generations focus on design. It is an evolution of the SNES controller with my favorite aspect of the Genesis controller executed better.

Generation 6

The Gamecube controller is my favorite controller to look at from Gen 6 of consoles; No advanced reason, just the last one that did something different that I liked. I feel we can skip a few generations, they mostly stayed the same. The Xbox controller did get a glow-up but none of the controllers from this generations do anything terrible and are all technically perfect to me so I picked the most different yet useable.

Generation 8?

The Switch controller finally gets a seperate D-pad after so long but Joycon drift existing throws it back a ton. I don't mind the tiny controller. Playstation and Xbox have generally the same controllers as before so I don't even feel it's important to say them. Playstation controllers are what my mind autopilots to when I'm holding a controller and is my personal favorite overall possibly why I like the Genesis controllers shape.

Here's the Top 3 list to prove my previous point from I'd assume minutes ago of reading;

However I do believe certain controllers do better fit certain games. However the 6th generation of consoles and onwards have similar enough controllers for porting reasons. Then on it just boils down to preference.

Fluorescent lamps; They mess with me so much. The dumb strip ones they have in like schools and businesses. The sound, the flicker, the inconsistancy and brightness. I will go into like three different stores and it will be different and then your in an aisle and it like casts a shadow on those hooks and just leaves me, (without a proper term) "annoyed in the eyes". As soon as I notice one that isn't working right it bugs me. I've never been able to adjust to these things.

For keeping clothing in drawers, I can never decide if rolling them up or just folding them is better. When they are rolled you can sometimes fit three times as much when compared to just folded and it makes it easy to grab and put in a bag with the same benefit of space. I prefer that way but I only wear like half of the shirts as I can see them all at once and really have a huge preference for the same outfits.

The extra shirts are almost never going to be worn or are something I'd wear in a super specific context. Some of my work clothes are unrecognisable when it's done this way and have snuck into my normal clothes. Working with food, the work shirts smell like work and now almost all of the shirts smell the same and remind me of work.

I have said Tuesdays are for cleaning but when I start doing something, I tend to try and get it done until everything is normal or better. I intend on making everything better than it was and easier to manage (clean, move, store, whatever else I can get :P) I usually hate dividers in drawers but this time I might actually use/need them to keep work clothes and normal clothes fully seperated so I no longer have the smell of work hanging around.

Collecting things sometimes leads to me collecting random objects or being gifted things I never intended on getting. It'd be rude to remove these things from the collection, I'm happy someone notices enough to give these things and am thankful but it also leaves to doubles too. Some of these people are gone and yet I still have things they gave me, making it even harder to remove them.

I was zoned out cleaning and I still haven't fully adjusted to the changes in my space, it sometimes doesn't feel like this is mine at all. I felt off. But I can't be close to being done, so much gone and yet so much still out of place.

I've mentioned my new desk but now I'm going to talk about it; It's got room for most of my consoles on it and my TV is on top of it. Everything no longer requires switching out everything to work. It's like an entertainment stand computer desk. It's all in one spot instead of like three different places. It really makes me happy as it let me replace two of the most annoying pieces of my space with one thing. There's more walkable room. The corkboard I mentioned like a year ago is finally in use :D

I've had a loft bed and I can finally see through the ladder and out my window again. It used to light the area under it perfectly and would be a reading space. (I used to roll off of the damn thing too) The new stuff doesn't feel like mine but it's what I've always wanted, it just doesn't click yet when I wake up or zone out.

It took so long to finally do this, to clean things like this and remove things but now that I finally am it feels really difficult to not focus on it.

CorBin's Lame Removal Strategy pt. 1

Maybe you think like I do, when I need to clean up I use this kind of thing to remove stuff.

Do I want to get rid of it? Most times I do but I can't for some arbitrary reason, so I'll put it in a box of things I'm getting rid of. Then I wait like a week with the box closed. I'll forget half of what's in the box.

The box is supposed to be removed so I do. That's it, as long as I don't open the box I could probably remove anything and if I get rid of something major that will overpower the memory of the rest of what I removed. The things I specifically set out to collect are such a large number and memorable that I can't get rid of any of it if I actually wanted to. In terms of things I own, the rest is secondary almost. Required things, Collected things and the rest.

I wish it was always this easy but sometimes I can't decide what to actually put in the box. Then I think if it's similar to anything else. I do this with some of my collection too.

However as the objects of the collection get rarer, it's almost impossible to bring myself to do it. So another criteria is how replaceable is this object?

I do the same kind of approach to getting new things so I usually don't get a ton of new things unless they're given to me or one is actually objectively better overall.

There are things that completely void this approach but they are too limited and almost impossible for me to realize in the moment. It's why my collection has many doubles, you can usually tell what my favorite part of a collection is if I get multiple of it. I realize just way later. I don't do this with more expensive ones luckily, just the small things.

If I didn't accumulate these things as much or stopped pursuing the collection things like games and books and the like I'd be minimalist with my spaces. My brother has a similar approach but does no collecting just replacing old furniture slowly. My other brother collects a ton and more than me.

Considering how little I get to dressup in times like these I really should be able to empty my whole closet besides a few shirts but they're so situational. I despise them but I'd hate to be without them when I finally get the chance. Like out of this whole year, two have been worn and another is coming up. If my work schedule wasn't as busy I'd have more to go to but I don't even know if I'd want to for a long time. All my closet is situational clothing, then I have drawers of everyday stuff.

Tea 1

I've wanted to talk about tea for awhile, I drink green tea the most because when you heat the water you stop it before boil for the best tea so you can make it faster than others and it has a different taste. I would like to eventually make my own tea but I won't until I complete some of my goals. This would be the kind I'd like to have if it's even possible.

I had a complicated way I was going to explain this part but, all tea is bad when it gets to room temprature. Tea done a certain way I like but if it's that same tea at a temprature I don't usually have it I'll cringe every drink.

Needless to say I'm very particular with tea. It's one of the only things I drink.

Most tea when people add sugar I feel they add too much so I just ask for unsweetened. Now it's the only kind I make too.

Occasionally I also get specialty tea from places. Blueberry teas are my favorite of those but I like blueberry anything.