My Favorite Starwars Characters

It's like "Oops all Bounty Hunters" at the moment but I swear there's more on the way.
It's just Bossk... There never was anyone else. It was a lie, a ruse. Anywho, Bossk is kinda cool. You should read about him down there.

Welcome to the favorite characters page, I'm going to slowly be adding to this page over time as I find cool images or graphics for the characters. Bossk is one of my favorites.

Obi-Wan has his own page so I could do it in a way I think looks sick.

Obi-Wan Page

Bounty Hunters


"Nobody can hide from me."

In case you don't know of him, he's the badass cold-blooded lizard dude.

::Fun Bossk facts::

   -You can't spell his name without first writing boss.
   -He's a cool lizard dude.
   -He got that max jump height.
   -Claw hands.
   -Tall Lizard Man.
   -Bounty Hunter(tm)
   -Stole his suit from the set of Doctor Who.
   -Hide-and-seek champion seeker.

Anyways, he's pretty cool. His ship "Hound's Tooth" has some neat features. ((In new canon they nuke the ship, I am displeased)).

But we aren't talking about ships. There's a full page for that coming soon(tm) but his ship is fine here because it's his. Trandosha is in the same system as Kashyyyk, he likes to go there to hunt Wookiees for their fur. It's a really big deal to him. In case you didn't assume, he's from the former mentioned planet.

Trandoshans can live insanely long, Bossk could be in any starwars media looking exactly the same and I wouldn't question it. He's just so perfect. The fun part about him being a bounty hunter is he can literally be on whichever side you want him to be on and it be in character. He does his cool thing, then goes home.

In canon, I'm unsure whether he lives or dies; In legends he just gets to retire. Which after all the things he's been through makes me happy.

Important Headcanons


Darth Vader

::Fun Ani Facts::

   -Galaxies Best Dad.
   -Extra as Hell
   -Can move stuff
   -Let's his family feud get to big.
   -Spinning is his best trick.
   -Super busy helping that lightning hand guy.

It's required by law that if I talk about the Sith I need to mention the chosen one somewhere. He makes lame quips, tries to appear calm and is almost always prepared to act. He's super adaptable. His lightsaber can extend to be slightly longer to throw off those trying to use an attack pattern.

He's said to be extremely powerful in the force which is crazy to consider his suit is limiting him. He mostly focuses on using Force Telekinesis to throw objects at his targets as lightning can damage his suit. It's been said that because of what's missing of himself that he can't tap into the force as well. As it flows through living things the "more machine than man" part means there's less force flowing.

There's been times where the fanbase has said Vader is extra as hell. Like when they said he was in space and used the force to billow his cape as if there was wind. I personally love that idea so much that I consider it canon because you have to remember at his base he's still Anakin. He flies the TIE Advanced which is what it says. A more advanced version of a TIE. It always reminds me of a mix of the TIE/LN and the TIE/SA.

Vader Quotes that make me "adaawuktrjndwikdha"

"All I am surrounded by is fear, and dead men."

"Apology accepted, Captain Needa."

"You underestimate my power."

"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations."