What the franchise means to me

This article is the first of a few, bare with me it's something I hold way too close to myself. This took way too much out of me to write let alone actually upload this time :P the style comes from a Starwars Browser game, links at the bottom of the page.
Thanks for understanding! ~CorBin

At the base of Starwars is a family movie. Then from there, as you take steps away from the movies themselves there's more layers to what starwars is on a personal level for each person.

For myself, starwars has been very important and always there when I need an escape from anything. The games, books and comics line my shelves and the communities that grew because of them online had been accepting of me. My first exposure to roleplaying, OCs and in a setting that I was versed in and familiar with. While mostly forums filled with images, text and people the interactions, locations, and events I had experienced with them were immersive and filled my thoughts with where my character was headed what I was going to do ingame distracting me from anything that troubled me when AFK.

To say I was hyperfixated on STARWARS is an understatement. At the time it cosumed most of what I did to an unhealthy level. The sleep schdule was very short, hours at best to confirm I optimized my playtime and took jobs and missions that needed active players on them. Your characters location in this world was constant regaurdless of if you were logged in or not and others could see you idle.

Death for a character in the game was irreversable, permanent and your character non-reusable. Information and things you did with that character could not be known with your next lest relearned naturally through playing again and must be forgotten and you are given a new user as well seperated from your last in all ways except email and password.

The game was interesting to me, the risks high. I love starwars a lot and as invested as I was with my first character the end goal was obvious my character was gonna die like a punk ass and I would be devastated. I played on my first character for years. From 2014 to about 2016.

Ironically my character was killed while I was sleeping. As active as I was for jobs and as time went on to be safer with my reputation it was not enough to save my character. I had took on a dangerous heist and once you become a pirate it's hard to do anything else especially when others find out. I'd gotten a price on my head and in hindsight had so many options to remain safe.

Bunkers, Safe Havens, Cloaked Space Stations. Being a self proclaimed pirate king isn't as fun if you aren't doing what the title entails. I was never going to hide. With my character dead, this was a wakeup call for myself personally to do something besides be entirely consumed by starwars.

Currently I have a new character, a Rodian named Quincy Owens who's mostly untouched. I barely play the game now as I can't bring myself to get invested as I was if at all now. But I love these fonts because of that game. Easily my most looked at font.

Most of my knowledge of tables and basic HTML comes from their forum system as well. "CorBin's Portal" literally wouldn't exist in any capacity without it! The website itself has had the same look for years. I believe since 2006 it's had the same layout. For all of you that like that sort of thing as much as I do.

I'm unsure if I will ever routinely play the game again but I occasionally drop in to see what's changed gameplay wise. New features and what have you. I only found out about this game because I didn't have a computer or anything that could go online besides those Windows surface things. I haven't seen anyone on here speak of this game yet so you get this for free;

Starwars Combine is a MMORPG browser game, established right before Episode 1 released. When the StarWars hype of the early 90s was supposedly at it's peak (couldn't tell ya I didn't exist) From then on it gained a cult following. The game existed in it's own client before the stars aligned and it became a browser based game; Only for a sad CorBin to play it fourteen years later and fall in love with it.

Needless to say, this game is important to me. Even if I am not as active. I long for a another starwars RPG game where my OC is safe from a perma-death. Until then, my current approach will do perfectly. Just for my own peace of mind, my sleep schedule is better and I have a casual-vibe with this game when I play now.

I was really an aggressive pirate bastard with my first character. But I had a partner and crew which is my ideal team style.

People running around the galaxy doing stuff as a chaotic team and shit; Helping each other if they need it and if one of us could. Members of the crew that did specific things better than the others. When a crew goes together right.

I want the non-pirate equivalent of that team style. The problem with your character being a pirate is once your known almost no one will do any business with you or anything. Once you become bastard pirates with someone, you're a bastard pirate unit together in most cases. The title stays. You skip a large grind but it will never be enough unless you have a ton of resources prior and I mean like land, real estate and passive income, man (or a private moon or something). But at that point what's becoming a pirate even worth than a cool title?

I'd assume it's the family-like team you build of random people up to that point if anything else.